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Unlock Operational Efficiency in Creating Engaging In-App Experiences

Martin Shumarski Martin is a Product Manager at CleverTap, navigating the complexities of the MarTech industry for the last 6 years. Coming from a Technical Support background, he is leveraging his deep understanding of customer needs to deliver products.
Unlock Operational Efficiency in Creating Engaging In-App Experiences

Traditionally, creation of custom in-app messages has been a cumbersome process, involving multiple steps from design to HTML coding. This intricate process required close coordination between design and engineering teams, often resulting in delays in marketing efforts. Recognizing the need for a more streamlined and independent approach, CleverTap set out to transform the landscape of in-app messaging.

Now, imagine the marketing team of a popular e-commerce app gearing up for their annual Spring sale campaign, eager to engage users in innovative ways. With a diverse range of products and an ever-expanding user base, they need a dynamic way to showcase their latest deals and effectively engage users. However, previously, they faced limited customization options, with the ability to add only one call-to-action (CTA) on the image, necessitating significant development effort.

Unveiling CleverTap’s Image Interstitial Editor

With CleverTap’s game-changing solution – the all-new Image Interstitial editor – teams can now take independent charge. This innovative tool, a first in the industry, empowers marketers to craft compelling and fully customizable in-app messages without extensive development efforts. With the editor, teams can now incorporate multiple clickable CTAs anywhere on the image, bringing it to life, and previewing its appearance across devices – all without any coding required.

The Result? Faster Time-to-Market and Enhanced Customer Engagement
This industry-first innovation empowers marketers to effortlessly create customized in-app messages directly from an image, bidding farewell to intricate coding and welcoming a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that seamlessly matches your app’s look and feel.

Key Benefits of CleverTap’s Image Interstitial Editor

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Craft fully custom in-app messages directly from an image, eliminating the need for developer intervention or coding expertise.

Boost Engagement

Empower marketers to create interactive experiences by selecting and assigning up to 10 clickable areas on the image with an easy drag-and-drop functionality, attaching unique actions to each.

Optimize Visual Consistency

Ensure a consistent image display across various devices with dynamic scaling while maintaining the in-app aspect ratio. Preview how it’ll appear on different devices right within the editor.

Seamlessly Integrate

Facilitate easy integration with the existing setup, requiring no SDK upgrades.

How Big Fish Utilized Image Interstitials

Big Fish successfully incorporated our Image Interstitial tool for in-app messages announcing LiveOps events inside their Fairway Solitaire game. They are now extending its use across their portfolio, including EverMerge and Gummy Drop!, covering a wide range of use cases.


In-app screenshot of an in-app message created with the Image Interstitial Editor in Gummy Drop by Big Fish Games

Simple and straightforward to use, Image Interstitials let the marketing team take advantage of their extensive collection of existing artwork with no or very few formatting updates required. The feature was flexible enough to allow the team to tweak the look and feel of their in-app messages without engineering. They could use various button placements, shapes, and sizes.

“We are excited that CleverTap created a feature that allows marketers to self-serve interstitial creation with such high levels of flexibility.” – Carmen Bleything, Director of Product & Lifecycle Marketing at Big Fish Games.

Use cases to Inspire You

Image Interstitials provide versatility in creating various in-app messages, including:

– General game and app announcements
– Sales alerts with a deep link to your shop
– Asking for feedback or linking users to a survey inside an in-game browser
– Sending gifts to your users after a technical app issue
– Educational content on game boosters and power-ups or app features
– Promotional discounts for new subscription app users
– Vouchers for on-demand and mobility apps
– Introducing a new app feature for mobile retail and finance apps


Empower Your App Marketing with CleverTap’s Latest Innovation

This feature is now available to all CleverTap customers in the Advanced and Cutting Edge plans. Dive into the future of in-app messaging with CleverTap’s Image Interstitial editor. For detailed information and implementation guidelines, explore our documentation page here.

Elevate your in-app messaging game – start using the Image Interstitial Editor today!

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Last updated on April 10, 2024