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Mastering the Art of Web Messaging: Engage, Convert, Delight

Apoorv Bhatnagar Apoorv, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at CleverTap, drives digital marketing strategies. Expert in SEO, analytics, and channel marketing. Previous roles at Freshworks, excelling in organic SEO, lead generation, and CMS activities.
Mastering the Art of Web Messaging: Engage, Convert, Delight

Web messaging is a high-powered form of real-time communication that enables brands to interact with active website visitors directly within their web browsers. Brands use web messaging to reach out to users with promotions or to offer help while onboarding and navigating through the page, or to keep them engaged with the website. 

Brands are constantly looking for novel ways to reach out and stay connected with users and boost  engagement. Web messaging is a powerful tool in every marketer’s toolkit that allows businesses to directly communicate with customers on their web browsers, either through push or in-browser messaging. Users spend a substantial amount of time on digital media through web browsers and this direct channel of communication can prove to be of incredible value for businesses of all sizes and types. 

Top Reasons to Integrate Web Messaging into Your Marketing Strategy

Better Engagement

Longer browsing sessions and higher CTRs can be achieved by grabbing visitors attention and keeping them engaged through web messages, ultimately leading to more conversions. 


Deliver highly personalized messages that resonate better with the users by sending web messages triggered by specific users behavior or website interaction, for instance a welcome message sent right after a user signs up. 

Improved Customer Experience 

Web messaging can be efficiently put to use to provide customer support, answer queries in real-time and provide users with a smooth onboarding experience, as they are an unobtrusive means to communicate with the users and collect feedback too. This leads to positive customer experience and builds brand loyalty.  

Real-time Communication

Reaching out to the website visitors in real-time enables marketers to address their needs and answer questions while the users are still active on the website. This can be an efficient means to provide support and instantly resolve issues. 

Depending upon the goals, there are a number of different types of web messages that can be used. For example

Welcome messages – Greet new users with a personalized message and introduce them to the brand and offer them a discount or helpful resources. 

Exit-intent messages – Triggered when a user or visitor is about to leave the website, a message with a discount, incentive or offer can be pushed to lure them into staying. 

Promote special offers and discounts – Highlight ongoing sales, limited-time promotions, or exclusive deals for website visitors.

Cart abandonment messages – Nudge visitors who have abandoned their cart through a web message to complete the purchase. 

Product recommendation – Can be used to suggest products to visitors based on their browsing behavior or past purchases.

Mastering the Art of Web Messaging

Let’s explore some best practices to help master the art of web messaging:

Audience Segmentation

Segment audiences depending upon demographics, interests and past website behavior, to tailor web messaging campaigns. This ensures that the web messages resonate with the audience and enhance engagement.

Time it Right

Bombarding website visitors with random messages might annoy and drive them away. Consider the correct time to deliver the web messages to the users based on user behavior and their web interactions. 

Provide Value

Delight the users with useful content through web messages that is of relevance to them. For eg: personalized recommendations, exclusive discounts and offers that users value. 

A/B Testing 

Create and test different variations of web messages and useA/B testing to test them with a sample subset of users to see what resonates best with the audiences. This gives marketers the opportunity to experiment with the content, CTA buttons, designs and timings of the campaigns. 

How CleverTap Can Elevate  Web Messaging To The Next Level 

CleverTap, a powerful customer engagement tool, offers a unique and exhaustive set of features and capabilities that can enable marketers to take  web messaging strategy to the next level. Here’s a glimpse of what CleverTap can do:

Omnichannel Messaging

Reach the users across multiple channels, including web push notifications, in-app messages, SMS and email and provide them with a flawless omnichannel experience across customer lifecycle as they switch from one channel to another.

User Segmentation

Depending on a wide range of criteria, including demographics, interests, website behavior, historic data and purchase history, create highly targeted actionable audience segments and micro segments. 


Hyper personalization with CleverTap enables marketers to deliver contextual web experiences incorporating dynamic content in real-time with messages tailored to each user’s individual needs, likes and interests.  

Real-time Analytics 

Get real-time insights into what users are doing on the website and track the performance of web messages. Respond immediately to high-value actions or stalled transactions to maximize conversions.

RFM Analysis

CleverTap’s RFM analysis tool automatically categorizes users based on their app activity. Find your biggest fans and win back those who might be slipping away.

Web Messaging is a potent tool that can help brands turn their websites into a conversion machine. Marketers can create engaging and hyper personalized experiences for website visitors by leveraging CleverTap’s powerful web messaging and advanced analytical capabilities, ultimately driving conversions delighting users and fostering stronger and loyal customer relationships. To learn more about how CleverTap can help engage, convert and delight your web visitors, schedule a demo.

Posted on March 30, 2024