All you need to know about app analytics and user engagement is right here. Read on to learn from the experts.
Data Science
August 30, 2018

To track your performance, use KPIs. But remember there are both leading & lagging indicators. Learn them and why they’re crucial to analytics.

Data Science
March 1, 2018

RFM analysis segments customers on recency, frequency, and monetary value can indicate customer engagement, retention, and customer lifetime value.

Data Science
January 25, 2018

How should you visualize the user journey as they flow through your app? We compared the popular sunburst and sankey charts to plot example data and visualize user data.

Data Science
October 12, 2017

It is a well known fact that visualizing time series information is always better than viewing the same information in

Data Science
October 5, 2017

“Where in the onboarding process are we losing the most users?” “Which channels are our power users coming from?” “Where

Data Science
September 12, 2017

Churn rate is a tough realization for any business. Ready for some sobering stats? The average mobile app loses 77%

Data Science
September 7, 2017

Experienced mobile marketers know: real success isn’t about getting someone to download your app. It’s about convincing them to come

Data Science
June 27, 2017

Performance measurement cannot be viewed in isolation. It becomes meaningful when it is compared against a benchmark. For eg: Metrics

Data Science
April 24, 2017

The primary aim of any marketing campaign is to effectively engage with the target audience and encourage them to perform

Data Science
November 28, 2016

Unlike evaluating the accuracy of models that predict a continuous or discrete dependent variable like Linear Regression models, evaluating the


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