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FIFA and IPL 2018: Recalibrating Our Architecture for Scalability
July 18, 2018

What a fantastic summer for sports fans! Between the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket season and the FIFA World Cup,

Understanding Permissions in the Android World
July 11, 2018

The official meaning of the word permission means allowing someone to do a particular thing – it is consent or

Self Enforcing, Self Documenting, Infrastructure Change Management with CodePipeline and CloudFormation
June 12, 2018

In preparation for compliance certification later this year, we disabled write access for all AWS console users (except the primary,

SAML SSO Authentication for Splunk with G Suite
April 12, 2018

From early on, our team used ELK (Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana) for log management and analytics. ELK served us well, but as our

Creating Push Notifications in Android O – Part 2
February 8, 2018

The latest Android version named after the famous cookie brand Oreo released on 21st August and is now live on

Java 9 HttpClient Does Not Allow Custom Authorization Headers
January 16, 2018

TL;DR Java 9 HttpClient does not allow custom Authorization header unless you resort to a hack Read on: Over the

CleverTap Engineering – Behavioral Messaging at 100B Scale
December 7, 2017

At CleverTap, we are rapidly approaching a landmark of sorts: processing 100 Billion unique monthly events and sending out tens

Creating Push Notifications in Android O – Part 1
August 29, 2017

The latest Android OS version, Android Oreo, released on August 21st right in time with the Great American Eclipse. The

How to Add Emojis to Your Website
August 10, 2017

Grab your phone and look at the last few text messages you have sent and received. I bet there were

AWS Infrastructure Setup: The CleverTap Way
July 25, 2017

Now that a little more than half of 2017 has gone by, I want to talk about some of infrastructure


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1 Billion

20 Million