All you need to know about app analytics and user engagement is right here. Read on to learn from the experts.
January 22, 2019

Data science is a byproduct of the digital age. Although statistics have been around for hundreds of years, the earliest

January 15, 2019

Billionaire entrepreneur Marc Andreessen famously said, “Software is eating the world.”1 The traditional business model of collecting an upfront premium

January 10, 2019

What can the psychology of optimal experience, AKA “flow,” teach you about building better user experiences ? Turns out, quite a lot.

January 8, 2019

The word viral has recently gone through a period of virality itself—very meta, we know. Webster’s dictionary officially recognizes the

January 3, 2019

Loose lips sink ships.   And loose guidelines about your app’s advertising and user communication policies push users to uninstall,

January 1, 2019

If there’s one central truth in the mobile world, it’s this: the only constant is change. New technologies, changing user

December 27, 2018

Conversion rates for mobile app installs aren’t a good standalone metric for success. There’s a better KPI to aim for. Let us explain.

December 25, 2018

We talked to some of the world’s leading experts on user experience and user retention, and they all agree that keeping customers for the long term isn’t easy. But it’s well worth the effort!

December 20, 2018

Building a successful app means constantly gathering feedback from users to refine and improve your product. But getting — and

December 19, 2018

Mobile apps are an integral part of our day-to-day routines. They provide information and convenience on the go, help us


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