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Mobile Growth Quiz

How effective are your mobile growth strategies? Discover how your mobile marketing tactics stack up with this 3-minute interactive quiz.


Mobile Marketing That Builds Customer Lifetime Value

In this podcast, hear from our VP of Growth & Partnerships Kara Dake on strategies you can implement to build valuable, long-term relationships with your customers.


How User Intent Aligns Marketing Results to Business Outcomes

It is time to start predicting customer needs regardless of where they are in their buying journey. We discuss how forward looking brands are using data science to predict user intent to create the perfect marketing campaigns.

Case Study

How HotStar Personalized User Engagement At Scale

See how CleverTap’s data-driven mobile marketing suite plays a crucial role in Hotstar’s growth helping them scale to a record-breaking 10.3M concurrent users.


How Machine Learning is Transforming App Marketing

Join CleverTap and Liftoff as they present insights on how technology and machine learning helps mobile marketers make data drive decisions.


Marketing Automation at Scale- Strategies from the Boardroom

Find out how ixigo, a travel search engine and booking platform, implements Marketing Automation Strategies with CleverTap and MSG91.


How Omni-Channel Mobile Marketing Can Drive ROI

The webinar covers strategies to leverage data and drive ROI from a single dashboard, personalize experiences across different platforms and devices, and develop goals for your omnichannel strategy.

Case Study

How Vodafone Increased Conversions by 2X

See how telecom giant Vodafone successfully scaled personalized campaigns to double conversions and improve CTRs by 15%, driving brand loyalty and long-term customer value, using CleverTap.


Create Automation-Driven, Mobile-Centric Marketing Strategies

Just as mobile has become a focal point of our daily lives, mobile marketing needs to become the focal point for brands.CleverTap along with MartechSeries presents a webinar on how to create automation-driven marketing strategies for today's mobile-centric world.


Metrics That Matter For Growth: A Handbook for Mobile Marketers

Smart mobile marketers track performance and growth with the right metrics so they can fine-tune their strategies along the way. Learn which mobile app metrics to track, interpret and apply, so you can drive long-term engagement and growth.


Journeys - Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns on a Visual Canvas

Journeys lets you build long-lived, cross-channel campaigns that reach users on the right channel at just the right time. It gives you complete control over your user’s end-to-end experience with your brand.


Mobile App Monetization Strategies for 2018

A collection of 7 time-tested monetization strategies for all mobile app verticals. The whitepaper has both age-old dependable strategies along with out of the box ideas for monetization.


Marketing strategies for the mobile startup CEO

Collection of data based, real world and pocket-friendly strategies for CEO of every mobile startup.


Track your customers through your Conversion Funnel

The white paper aims to explain the conversion funnel in detail while also highlighting the importance of tracking your users through the funnel.


7 Channels to Grow your Online Retail Business

Read this whitepaper to learn more about the various marketing channels that popular retail brands are increasingly using in their growth strategies and how you can leverage these to increase sales by a factor of almost 2X.

Case Study

How Ketto Increased Revenue by 30%

How social fundraising platform Ketto increased revenue by 30% using CleverTap's personalized messaging and real-time user segments.

Case Study

How Flyrobe saw a 10x Reduction in cost per transaction

Flyrobe reduced Cost Per Transaction by 10X using a solid retargeting strategy built on CleverTap’s Facebook Custom Audience Campaign feature.


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