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CleverTap’s Commitment to User Consent and Data Privacy
March 26, 2018

Given the recent discussion over privacy, security, and the role of service providers such as CleverTap, we’d like to clarify our

CleverTap: Pairing Technology with Philanthropy
March 21, 2018

At CleverTap, we believe in empowering those who improve the lives of others. We work with nonprofits and social organizations

In Preparation of GDPR Compliance
February 27, 2018

At its heart, GDPR represents a unique opportunity for brands to strengthen customer relationships by making privacy and trust a key part of the user experience. Here’s what you need to know about these new rules — and what we at CleverTap are doing to prepare.

Join CleverTap’s Partner Ecosystem
February 15, 2018

At CleverTap, we aim to empower mobile marketers to craft incredible user experiences. We strive to serve mobile marketers with

Accomplishing a Mission – Customer Success
August 14, 2017

It has been exactly a year since I have been working as a Customer Success Manager at CleverTap. The year

CleverTap – How it came about
April 20, 2017

CleverTap today – We enable over 4000 leading brands such as Sony, Samsung, McDonald’s, Reliance Jio, Hotstar, Idea, Zomato, BookMyShow,

A CEO’s promise to solve your business analytics and customer engagement challenges
January 10, 2017

As we welcome 2017, do not let it be another average year or even a year of incremental growth. I

How we define Customer Success at CleverTap
December 7, 2016

What is Customer Success? At the cornerstone of any Customer Success team is the purpose to help increase customer adoption,

CEO CFO interview with Sunil Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder for CleverTap
July 25, 2016

In a recent Forrester study it shows that 80% of apps downloaded will be deleted within the first week. What does

December 8, 2015

See what showed up fresh off the oven – a video demo of CleverTap by our very own Paul Brody. He


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