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Honey Bajaj Joins as SVP & Global Chief of Consumer Experience to Add Scale and Impact

Shivkumar M Shivkumar M has over 20 years of experience shaping technology product and GTM strategy. With B2B SaaS expertise across industries, he leads product launches, adoption, and GTM as Director of Product Marketing.
Honey Bajaj Joins as SVP & Global Chief of Consumer Experience to Add Scale and Impact

As we scale CleverTap into a global category creator for “Retention Cloud,” we realize that our clients globally are looking for help to create the future of their own digital businesses today. For many, it’s a new territory they can’t navigate alone. They need examples and blueprints to help them architect the digital experiences that move consumers and drive positive business outcomes. 
The benefits of a consumer-centric approach paired with human-centered design concepts are well documented. The combination equips companies to understand their customers better in order to serve them. Forrester Research found that this approach can increase customer conversion rates by 400%. 
Clearly, if there is a secret sauce to achieving business success, it starts with creating everything with the individual in mind. In practice, it means adopting human-centered design as a vital tool for CX and shaping experiences that “ensure a constant process of human engagement.” 
So how do you innovate in the right ways and even jump-start this process? Our approach is deeply rooted in our own corporate DNA. Serving the needs of a global and growing customer base across a variety of fast-growing verticals and regions has given us unique insights into what is needed to design highly relevant and hyper-personalized experiences for scale and impact. 
But it’s one thing to help our customers close the Experience Gap. It’s another to fuel innovation, inspire design thinking and unlock new perspectives to drive powerful momentum and positive results. 

The Need for Human-Centered Expertise

We accomplish both by having a new leader within the CleverTap Executive Team who combines expertise in human-centered methodologies, design thinking, and practical experience developing customer-centric products and services. 
This is essential to elevate CX and benefit our customers across verticals, such as Fintech and Media/OTT, and Super Apps. It’s also critical to help our customers meet—even anticipate—their customers’ individual requirements, preferences, and aspirations. 
We view this as a strategic initiative within CleverTap and one that requires a leader who visualizes and realizes the “Art of the Possible.” This is a leader who co-creates with our customers to bring to fruition their dreams of what is possible within each sector. The outcome is a virtuous cycle of benefit. Our customers are empowered to deliver meaningful and memorable CX that their customers appreciate and even advocate.  
Today, I am thrilled to announce a new appointment that benefits the most important stakeholder for us: our customers’ customers. 

Welcome, Honey Bajaj

I’m excited to welcome Honey Bajaj into our Executive Leadership Team as SVP & Global Chief of Consumer Experience. Honey is a design strategist, an innovation leader, and a social entrepreneur with extensive work in India and the U.S. Her ability to problem-solve and identify patterns in human behavior has earned her multiple prestigious awards and recognition as an Innovation Global Shaper and Inventor of the Year (2016)
Honey is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Design and Innovation Methodologies in the Digital World. She earned her undergraduate degree in English Honors at the University of Delhi and an undergraduate degree in Product and User Interface Design from the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. She is also a dual degree holder with a Master’s degree in Engineering and Management and a Master’s degree in Sustainability Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her education at MIT was funded by Mr. Ratan Tata, an Indian industrialist, philanthropist, and a former Chairman of the Tata Group. 
Her work spans over a decade, during which she has demonstrated the leadership and talent to develop and deliver outstanding products. Among these is Embrace, a low-cost baby warmer that has since saved the lives of over 400,000 babies across 22+ developing countries. The product, which Honey led through the process from design to manufacturing and market release, was also a recipient of The Economist Innovation Award, the Schwab Social Enterprise of the Year Award, and the INDEX: Design to Improve Life Award. 
Honey was also awarded the MIT Legatum Fellowship for building a diagnostic kit that connects to a digital platform, giving accredited social health activists (ASHAs) the ability to recommend a treatment plan for patients with limited access to healthcare facilities in developing countries. 
Throughout her career, Honey has focused on designing for impact, especially among the largest, marginalized segments of the world’s population. She led Special Projects at the Managing Trustee’s Office, part of the Tata Group, where she designed service-based tech platforms for data-driven governance for the government of Maharashtra, India, in the field of Agriculture and Healthcare. After learning Design Thinking from Stanford, she led multiple workshops for corporations and schools on design thinking and innovation methodologies. 
Before joining the CleverTap Leadership Team, Honey was the Head of Customer Experience Design & Insights at Tata Digital, which recently launched the new Tata Neu Super App. She has built an innovation pipeline for several Fortune 500 companies, developing detailed market segmentation frameworks based on purchase behavior to orchestrate product launches and go-to-market strategies. During this period, she worked with organizations including Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures, Disney, Microsoft Research, MIT Media Lab, and Tata Group, one of India’s largest and most highly profitable conglomerates. 

Laying the Groundwork for the Future

Her appointment is an important step toward strengthening our leadership team. We are also laying the groundwork for a program to help our customers reimagine customer experience and understand the “Art of the Possible.” 
To do this, we at CleverTap will lead by example and launch several initiatives, under the direction of Honey, to curate knowledge and proven practices. For example, we’ll build and roll out CleverTap Demo Experience Studios & Innovation Studios, physical and digital spaces where we can co-create experiences and outcomes directly with our customers. 
This ensures our customers will have the information and the inspiration to realize the “Blueprint” for their industry as they architect and hyper-personalize omnichannel customer journeys to grow retention and lifetime value. 
When done well, a human-centered approach fuels the creation of experiences that resonate more deeply with consumers. The positive dynamic drives engagement and growth. 
Welcome to the team, Honey, as our latest CT’zen. We look forward to defying gravity to reach the next orbit under your able leadership. I personally look forward to learning a lot from you.
Onward & upwards!

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Last updated on March 27, 2024