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New COO; Next Stop, Operational Excellence

New COO; Next Stop, Operational Excellence

I am  thrilled to welcome Anand Venkatraman as Chief Operating Officer, CleverTap. His appointment marks a new phase of growth for the company and a significant step towards realizing our mission as world-class growth partners for our customers.
Anand will play a pivotal role as we accelerate our 10X growth journey, a pathway to growth that prepares CleverTap to compete more fully on a global scale and deliver value to employees, customers, and investors. It’s an ambitious goal that requires skill in building scalable processes, and an ecosystem for success. 
Anand comes to us from Freshworks, where he led and grew the APAC and MEA businesses as Senior Vice President and General Manager, and scaled global partnerships where he drove revenue from 40+ countries, scaling and managing a global team of 250+.
Throughout his 20+ year career at leading companies, including Akamai Technologies, Salesforce, Microsoft, and IBM, Anand has consistently been at the helm of some of the fastest-growing territories, driving channel metrics that rank among the best in their category. 
At Freshworks, for example, he scaled the tech partnerships and marketplace to be one of the fastest-growing ecosystems globally with over 1,200+ listed marketplace applications. He also transformed the company’s startup program, starting from scratch to build a revenue engine that brought together 500+ ecosystem partners and achieved the highest conversion rates. 

The Role of the COO

Anand’s talent for building and managing high-performance sales teams, channels, and GTM models is outstanding. But the timing of this appointment is also enormously important. It’s been a fast-paced couple of months since  the company announced the appointment of Vikrant Chowdhary, its first-ever Chief Growth Officer and I joined as the CEO of CleverTap
To fully understand how Anand will power our efforts to create a new retention category that delivers unprecedented value and a significant competitive advantage to customers, you have to grasp the real role of the COO. 
As a rule, COOs are responsible for managing an organization’s day-to-day functions, internal infrastructure, and growth. They also balance strategy, working closely with the CEO to realize their vision, and tactics to ensure that the infrastructure is being built to sustain the growth ahead in an efficient and effective way. 
In many ways, a COO is at the center of a company’s ability to become a well-oiled machine capable of executing at scale, under new conditions, and with new objectives and functions.
COOs also drive growth by putting the right people together. This is where Anand, an agent of change and a proponent of an open-door policy, has vast experience and empathy. As he sees it: “Great culture is the most important growth catalyst influencing everything from organization vision alignment, employee engagement, employer attractiveness, all the way to customer and partner success.”
We are confident in this success. 
We are also excited to welcome Anand on the journey as we reinforce our position as the Retention category market leader in mobile-first, high-growth markets in India and Southeast Asia and expand our footprint in North America, Latin America, Middle East, Turkey, Africa, and Europe. 
Above all, we look forward to taking the Indian SaaS story to the world.

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Posted on April 21, 2022