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Made to Stick: How to drive downloads of your app

So you have decided to give your business the app-vantage. Your business is all set to conquer the mobile market with a user-friendly app loaded with tons of features but now, what next? Now you need to get prospective users download your app and use it. They will have to use the app, in order to know how good it really is, and bring some profits your way.

Understanding why a user would want to download your app is the fundamental factor to drive downloads. Listed here are ways to drive downloads and prompt users to use your app.

Advertise Your App
This is no rocket science, almost all major brands advertise their apps in order to create awareness about it and get people to download and try it out. You can advertise with the major social platforms and prompt users to install your app along with some incentives if they download. If you are targeting organic traffic, you must try Google’s platform to show app-install ads specifically to those mobile search users searching your brand name.

Press Release
Release an official statement in print and electronic media giving information about your power packed app loaded with features showcasing it to potential users.

Promotion on Website
Promote your app on your website. As soon as someone lands on your site tell them about your app, describe the in-app features with some attractive graphics. Provide the app download link on the site and an option to text the app download link to the mobile device.

Mobile Site
So you get a good amount of traffic on your mobile site, then it is time to cash on that traffic. Prompt message to download the app with a click. Organically drive your visitors to download the app and use it.

App Store Optimization
You must have tried SEO, now it is all about ASO (App Store Optimization). The key to a successful app is to make it easily discoverable. Find an apt title, keywords and description for you app that users are likely to search for when looking for your app. Include all probable and relevant keywords associated with your app and let ASO get you all the traction you need.

Social Media
Build some following on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. Post relevant and useful information about your app on these social media channels. Influence potential users by posting content, images, links and share app features that will drive downloads to your app.

App Only Offers/ Discounts
Users will certainly download an app and use it if they find some value added to it. One of the best ways to drive downloads is to announce special app only offers, discounts, coupons, freebies or loyalty bonus. Post these promotional offers on your site, in advertisements and all the social media channels to get maximum benefit.

Offer assured redeemable loyalty points or freebies with every successful app download. Send some branded merchandise to the user after his first successful transaction. This method usually drives a lot of traction and promotes word of mouth publicity.

Word Of Mouth
Word of mouth is one of the most effective and cost-effective means of publicity. Most people trust first-hand recommendations over other type publicity. To make a buzz about your app you have to first earn a set of loyal fans and then engage them in a bonus based referral program that earns you a new set of users.

App analytics can help you know the exact user pattern and behavior when using your app. Keep a track of new users, their first transactions, repeat transactions and uninstalls. User behavior helps get insight to improvise on your app and make it better. Analytics can help you improve your app and drive more downloads by studying user pattern.


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