7 lessons from our launch on Product Hunt

We wrapped up a launch on Product Hunt this week where we ended the day as the    #2 most up-voted product in the Tech Category – a great day!

We had a bunch of learnings from our launch and thought we’d share the top 7 list:

  1. Don’t try to jazz up your 60 character description with emojis and jargon. Make it descriptive and direct. Many Product Hunt homepage visitors will only see this short description so you can’t afford to confuse anyone.
  2. Product Hunt Moderators will largely decide how your posting will look. They’ll pick the cover image from what you submit so don’t get too wrapped up trying to figure out what the final presentation looks like.
  3. Kick things off with an initial intro post in the comments section. This will help set the tone for the comments that will follow.
  4. Some Product Hunt members who have contributed to the community have a lot of pull. If they post your product it could go directly to the homepage. Find one of these guys (usually ones with lots of Followers, Comments and Submissions).
  5. Promote your Product Hunt listing to your customers and network, but don’t send people directly to your listing to have them up-vote it. The Product Hunt algorithms will penalize you for direct links and you may get pushed down in their rankings. (The spirit of the site is for folks to discover you on the Product Hunt homepage and get intrigued enough to up-vote you).
  6. The number of up-votes you get might not correspond to where you get ranked on the listings page (see #3 above).
  7. Product Hunt has a newsletter that goes out the following day with the top 5 apps from the previous day. The apps that get included are not necessarily the ones that received the top votes. (Product Hunt has their own algorithm for determining this).

Check out our Product Hunt listing

Thanks to everyone who helped us out on this launch. We really appreciate all the positive comments people shared.

Stay Awesome!


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