Web Push Notifications let you reach users right in the browser
even when they’re not on your website


Web Push works for web exactly like Mobile Push for apps

Schedule or trigger notification
to deliver based on user’s activity


Personalize notifications with user names, profile properties and behavior


Add download link to get users to download your app

When to use Web Push?
  • If you only have a website or if your user has yet to download your mobile app,
    Web Push is a great way to reach them with real-time notifications.
  • Use Web Push to showcase an offer, announce a new feature or
    to highlight a cool area of your product.
  • Remind users to come back to your site and complete their registration
    or finish a transaction.
  • Encourage users to get your mobile app if they haven’t downloaded it yet
    by sending a Web Push with a link to the App Store right in the message.

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