TappedinLA: How instant opinion app Swayy helps you dress smarter

September 30, 2015

How often do you get dressed and are unsure if your outfit works or wonder which series to choose next on HBO? These are some of the life’s difficult decisions, but the new Swayy app is here to help. Swayy is an instant opinion social mobile app, where users send visual polls to their friends for on-demand feedback that influences – or sways – their decision making.

Kara sat down with Swayy’s Co-Founder & CEO Andrew Abramson to discuss how the app works and the company’s mobile engagement strategies. Swayy uses what the team calls a “Reverse Engagement Strategy” which allows users to send their personal decisions privately to influencers, instead of influencers broadcasting messages to social networks. This is an interesting opportunity for brands, celebrities and bloggers to get feedback directly from their followers and potential new customers.

Swayy launched in the Apple store a few weeks ago, and since then they’ve told us they see a number of trends. Fantasy Football has become a major use case, which makes sense this time of year. One can foresee that Swayy will be useful during seasonal activities such as holiday gift giving and wedding season planning. They’re also experiencing traction in terms of network effects, as when a user joins and creates a poll, they’re encouraged to invite their friends and contacts which drives a strong viral coefficient.

This gets us thinking. What would you Swayy? As we’re marketers and developers at CleverTap, business-related decisions with teams come to mind, such as choices on logos and taglines. Swayy’s visual polls, votes and commenting system sounds like a lot more fun than a traditional online survey or email thread. Watch here to learn more about Swayy and how it’s reverse engineering mobile engagement.


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