Status update – March 2014

After returning from our trip to the US in December, we sat down and re-thought the product. We decided to start afresh, and have used the feedback we had gotten there as our guiding light – 1) make the product dashboard driven, easy for product/marketing folks to use without involving their engineering teams and 2) make it work for even the small/medium businesses.

It’s been three months since, and I’m happy to report that we’re nearly code complete for the Private Beta launch. We have now started demoing the product to potential customers and some investors, our old customers are back and we’ve signed up some new ones. The current set includes web businesses having 4 transactions a day all the way to the ones doing 40K transactions a day. The feedback so far is very encouraging, and we’re working with our customers to build out the product further.

What’s WizRocket?

WizRocket is a visitor behavior analysis & targeting tool that helps small, medium and large web businesses interact with their users across offline and online mediums. You could do web messaging, push notifications, in-app messaging and even reach out to customers via SMS or Email.

Simply put, we let websites discover the who (people), what (events) and why (behavior) on their own websites and mobile apps and then apply behavior targeting to improve retention, engagement and conversion rates. The analytics and the targeting are dashboard driven. 100% of all analytics* and targeting is real time no matter what size of business you operate.

We’re now ready to get an office, augment the team and onboard more customers. We’re ready to fly**.

*The big breakthrough that we’re proud of is the ability to query 100 million data points in less than 200ms on a small sized AWS EC2 instance. This enables quick segmentation to study  several facets of user behavior.

** WizRocket was listed by as one of the 5 promising Mumbai startups that will bloom in 2014.

Here are some screen shots of the product in action –


55 Billion

1 Billion

10 Billion