Messaging users via SMS

Sometimes the most effective way to engage your users is via good old SMS. Maybe they don’t have your App or have opted out of Push or just prefer an SMS notice. That’s why we’ve added SMS Notifications as another engagement channel for you to reach your users.


SMS works exactly like Mobile Push notifications. You can schedule or trigger their delivery based on a user’s activity. You can personalize them to include fields from the user’s profile or reflect their activity in the message body. And of course you can add a Deep Links to direct the user to a particular page or even to a download link to get your mobile app.

How do I get Started?

To get going all you need to do is configure a service provider. We support Twilio, Netcore, Exotel, Gupshup or any generic SMS provider. Go to SMS Settings in your Dashboard to enter your credentials.

Then off to the SMS Campaigns section to set up your first campaign.


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