Marketing through WhatsApp Business: Achieve Customer Delight in the Digital Era

Marketing through WhatsApp Business: Achieve Customer Delight in the Digital Era

“I don’t know anyone who likes calling a business. And no one wants to have to install a new app for every business or service that they interact with. We think you should be able to message a business, in the same way you would message a friend.” 
~ Mark Zuckerberg at F8 in 2016

When was the last time you messaged a friend or colleague through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger? Odds are high it was minutes or seconds ago.

The Shift to Real-Time Messaging Apps

Consumers across the globe are increasingly shifting from phone calls, emails, and social media platforms to real-time messaging apps. They’re turning to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and other local apps to connect with family, friends, and colleagues.

Consumers across all generations want and expect the same things from brands as they do of their friends and family.

Businesses are always about being where your consumers are, therefore, marketers are increasingly shifting towards conversational commerce to deepen their relationship with users.

WhatsApp Business and Faster Adoption of Conversational Commerce

With more than 1.5 billion active users globally, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world.

WhatsApp also ensures great engagement rates, as more than 90% of mobile messages are opened and read within three seconds of being received. It allows consumers to message brands in a “time-shifted” way, moving in and out of conversations to multitask or go on about their day.

WhatsApp Business is one of the best platforms you can use to personalize your messaging and engage in two-way communication with consumers.

This is why we’ve partnered with Nexmo to enable WhatsApp Business as a channel of communication — it is an automated, hassle-free way to engage with customers at scale.

What Makes the CleverTap WhatsApp Business Solution Different?

Here’s how CleverTap’s WhatsApp business solution differentiates itself from other solutions:

  • Our advanced segmentation and analytics features enable brands to send personalized messages on a high-engagement channel (i.e. WhatsApp) at the right time. See the use cases below.

  • There is no infrastructure required for integrating WhatsApp Business into the CleverTap dashboard.
  • Brands can chat with your users in real time through the CleverTap dashboard and instantly resolve customer queries. You can also deploy your own chatbots for automation and provide experiences at scale. You can assign “Agent” role to your customer support agents for enhanced security.

  • Integration is simple and quick through three simple steps, without the need to go through a long approval process:
    • Share your phone number for use
    • We will set up the billing process
    • Create message templates pre-approved by WhatsApp

Use Cases

Here’s how brands across verticals can leverage our WhatsApp solution to achieve customer delight through personalization:

IndustryUse CasesImpacted Metric
  • Travel & hospitality
  • Transactional messages like bookings, refunds, cancellations
  • Reminders for upcoming flights, gate information on silent airports
  • Custom discounts to book a return flight
  • Recommendations about hotels for an upcoming stay
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Food Delivery
  • Food delivery status, including information on driver and ETA
  • Thank you messages after order delivery
  • Custom discounts/refunds in case of a late/wrong delivery
  • Increased user engagement
  • E-commerce
  • Personalized shopping experience through product recommendations
  • Shipping status, back in stock message of a wishlist item
  • Ask for app ratings from active users, right after delivery
  • Increased user engagement
  • FinTech (Mobile Payment Apps)
  • Instant money transfer updates
  • Sharing one-time passwords
  • Increased engagement and security

The customer experience race is on. Consumers want rich, one-on-one conversations when and where they please. It’s time to unlock the ability to create lasting memories through dialogue.

Use CleverTap’s WhatsApp Business solution to make communication with your customers easy and painless. Email us at to see the solution live.


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