App User Lifecycle

How engaging content can help drive app downloads

Social media content creators are responsible for more than just making cute pictures and catchy one-liners. If getting a user to engage with your content is a step forward, then scoring an app download from them is like bursting through the finish line at the end of the race. Our whole purpose as marketers of a product, in this case, an app, is to achieve a sale, or rather, a download. But how can social media content and strategy get the consumer to this point? Let’s explore some social strategies that can help push the customer over the sales finish line.

Share Examples of Success

Social media provides the perfect platform to find, engage and promote happy users of your app. After the initial discovery phase, your followers want to know what you have to offer and what it can do for them. This is where user testimonials excel. If you are just starting out, have your friends, family and other connections try out your app and post on your pages what they think of it. Positive reviews and excitement will help nudge new followers to try it out for themselves.

On Twitter, these come in the form of retweets and quoted tweets i.e. your brand page retweeting a positive review or statement about your app. On Facebook pages, beyond sharing a post, you can screenshot reviews from your website, the app store, and any other platform you have received them and share as well. In fact, a screenshot (cropped for visual appeal) from a different social media platform can help pull followers from one network to the next. This is a way to display a satisfied user AND promote your other social channels. As with all imagery, this screenshot can be posted on Instagram. Instagram has one of the highest engagement rates in the industry. According to a study conducted by Forrester and published by Hootsuite, “Instagram’s per-follower engagement rate for top brands is 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than on Twitter.”

Keep Content Diverse and Consistent

Content diversity is crucial to gaining social media credibility, and for those who discover your brand on social media, social cred is brand cred. Content diversity not only helps break up the newsfeed, but it will ensure you break through the ever-changing algorithms set forth by all of the top social media networks.

Brands that are successful on social media upload many different types of content keep their users surprised. Nobody wants to see you post every blog article you have ever published one after the other on all of your social media handles. Yes, blog posts are great original content and need to be shared, but another content that mixes it up is great to post in between.


Keeping originality in mind, there are several tools that can help you create custom images with text layovers. Brands have found a lot of success with these images because the customization allows the brand to speak directly to the audiences interests via quotes and other direct statements. Tools like Canva and Buffer’s Pablo have taken what used to be a painful Photoshop task and made it easy and quick for anyone to create a custom socially sharable (and sized) image.


Videos have shown a significant return in engagement and views on Facebook. Boost a video showcasing your app or and other content related to the brand for as little as $5 to expand your reach exponentially. If your targeting is done well, this can set you video on a path to engagement AND sales success.

A/B Test Your Posts

With tools like buffer and Sprout Social, social media marketers know exactly how far each post goes. Sprout offers robust reports that are customizable down to a specific day, while Buffers offers detailed analytics behind each post sent on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. With this easy analytic access, you can monitor the clicks-to-site per tweet and per post. If you are promoting your app in a post, try different images, and copy to see which one does best. Use this data in conjunction with your CleverTap analytics to tap into the content that drives your user behavior, from the social network all the way through your app. Data and behavior tracking is essential for understanding what your users want and how they react to your posts, and ultimately your app.

Content is essential. With the a little diversity, originality, and a data-driven strategy you will be on your way to content marketing success.




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