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Five key steps for your mobile app checklist

Before you upload your app on the App Store or Google Play and make it public to the world, we recommend that you prepare a Mobile App Launch Checklist. What are the five key steps you should consider before launching your app?

Here are a few CleverTap developer tips to get you started.

1) Beta Test your app

In today’s competitive market, Beta testing your app is a significant step before making your app public. The primary goal of beta testing is to get real-world experience on how well your app will perform with actual users and get valuable feedback.

You can check your app’s quality by setting up an IOS & Android test environment on any of the following three platforms.

2) Track Key App Metrics

How will you track your users behavior and measure the performance of your app? Installing a comprehensive mobile analytics and engagement platform like CleverTap will help you in measuring, optimizing and increasing retention for your app.

Download and integrate the CleverTap SDK to be able to answer these basic questions  –

  • Retention
    • Are users coming back on Day 1, 3 and 7 after their first launch?
  • Engagement
    • Are users performing key activities? How frequently?
      • App Launch → View Item → Exit
      • App Launch → Search → View Items (5x) → Purchase
    • Uninstalls
      • Are users keeping my app?
      • Did you know: 3 of 4 apps are uninstalled after 1st launch?
    • Reachability
      • Can I contact my users? How many of them are reachable via email and push notifications?

3) Pre-Launch Landing Page

It’s never too early to start building a buzz about your new mobile app and create a fan following. What are the three best practices for a pre-launch landing page?

  • Design a clean and simple landing page that showcases your app’s screenshots, app features, and product launch date
  • Invite users to sign up for product notifications
  • Offer social media sharing tools for fans to recommend your app to others

4) Video Trailer

A demo video trailer for your app is a crucial marketing tool for launching your app. It helps provide a quick overview of what your key app features are and will be essential to driving organic downloads of your app.

Key Tips

  • Limit your app trailer to 30 seconds
  • Feature app store icon and screenshots
  • Show application interaction
  • Identity if the app is available on IOS & Android

5) App Store

Understanding the publishing process of your app is one the most important steps of your mobile app launch. The success or failure of your app could hinge on your App Store landing page design, screenshots, the app icon, and your target audience. It’s important to identify the following information for your app before submitting your app.

  • Identify who your target audience and app category
  • Provide a clear app description, title, and feature list
  • Decide how you will answer customer support
  • Track all app store reviews and fix any bugs immediately

Overall, these five key steps can make you more prepared for your mobile app launch and help you stand out from the crowd. Good luck!

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