How We Define Customer Success at CleverTap

What is Customer Success? At the cornerstone of any Customer Success team is the purpose to help increase customer adoption, drive retention and mitigate churn. The Customer Success team is responsible for managing the technical and business relationships between a vendor and its clients. The primary aim of Customer Success is to rapidly build greater

Optimize campaigns for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday is what the US retailers consider the mega shopping event of the year where traditionally all retail stores stay open till late and offer promotional sales to shoppers.  In 2015, for the first time, brick and mortar companies took a back seat to online shoppers. Adobe Digital Index reported that that shoppers spent $2.74

How Streamago Cracked the Code for Mobile Retention for New App Users

Can’t stop laughing about something that happened today? Bored and looking for someone to chat with? Want to show off your comedy chops? Enter Streamago, the trendy new live video streaming app that is becoming the new way to socialize with friends, family and communities.  Go live and share your voice with anyone you like. Be

Daniele of Streamago on CleverTap

We recently moved to CleverTap from another user engagement and analytics partner and we are very happy about our experience with them so far… We have been using Mixpanel but we really found out that CleverTap definitely provides a superior offering in terms of real time user engagement and segmentation which really allows us to

Startup Innovator: MoviePass a New Theatrical Subscription Service

If you love going to the movies it can get expensive. The average cost of one movie ticket is $15.00, plus if you add popcorn and soda, you’re easily going to spend $25.00 a film. A new app called MoviePass addresses that problem with a new subscription service that allows members to see unlimited movies in theaters for

Startup Innovator: Play JackPocket a New State Lottery App

Have you checked out the popular app Jackpocket that lets users play the New York state lottery on your mobile phone? Jackpocket acts as a technology provider between you and your favorite official lottery retailer. How does the service work? a) Download the app b) To order your ticket choose your game and numbers c) Your ticket is

Startup Innovator Series: Shootly a New App That Helps You Hire Photographers On-Demand

 Shootly, an app for finding professional photographers and dronographers, on demand, is one of LA’s standout new startups. The company launched in November, and in this interview, Co-Founder & CEO Garrett Henrickson speaks to their go-to-market strategies that include social media, partnerships and targeted mobile notifications. Henrickson says inspirational content, including user-generated content, is key to driving

Startup Innovator Series: Personal Training Goes On-Demand with Handstand

  FitnessTech & Mobile Health are two buzzwords we anticipate we’ll hear a lot more of heading in to Holiday and 2016. The success of ClassPass and wearable fitness trackers prove this industry is well under way in terms of technology transforming existing systems. Tiffany Hakimianpour, Handstand’s Founder & CEO, realized the fitness trainer industry

Meet Startup a New European Social Network App

CleverTap caught with tech leaders at the Web Summit held in Dublin, Ireland this week. The exclusive conference is centered on internet technology and the attendees range from Fortune 500 companies to the world’s most exciting tech startups. Over 42,000 people from 134 countries came to Dublin this week to discuss the future of technology. There

TappedinLA: How On Demand Washio Laundry Service Saves You Time and Money

Making life easier and creating more time for things we want to do are two strong value propositions for technology companies. Washio, an on-demand dry cleaning and laundry service, is an example of a business taking a task that we don’t enjoy doing, and streamlining the process of getting it done. Washio was created by

TechCrunch Disrupt: How Trigger a Social News Curation App is Changing Media

CleverTapTV hosted by Myriam Joire made its official debut at TechCrunch Disrupt SF last month. We caught up with Trigger a cool news curation app for a quick interview at #TCDisrupt. Check out our exclusive video below. Trigger is a sociable news aggregator that does things differently. Read and share content by getting the social

TechCrunch Disrupt: CatFi a Revolutionary Pet Tracking Device

CleverTapTV hosted by Myriam Joire made its official debut at TechCrunch Disrupt SF last month. We caught up with Catfi a revolutionary new cat facial recognition and mobile pet tracker technology for a quick interview at #TCDisrupt. Check out our exclusive video below. Discover a whole new way to take care of your cats. If

TappedinLA: How Recently Acquired ParkMe Disrupted the Industry

Finding and paying for parking is not one of those activities that we look forward to. But for those of us that live in highly congested cities like LA, it’s been estimated that we spend 3.5 to 14 minutes finding a spot, and at any given time 30% of cars are looking for parking. When