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Ayopop: Helping Indonesians Pay & Manage Finances Efficiently

Mrinal Parekh Mrinal Parekh, Senior Manager at CleverTap, has expertise in product, consumer, and digital marketing, with previous roles at Razorpay and Amazon.
Ayopop: Helping Indonesians Pay & Manage Finances Efficiently

Historically, the majority of the rural population in Indonesia prefer cash over cards due to negligible awareness of electronic payments. Many don’t hold a bank account and very few have had limited access to banking infrastructure.

In 2016, only 10 percent of people in Indonesia are using cashless payments.The Bank of Indonesia

In spite of this traditional dependence on cash, the inconvenience of cash payments was acutely felt and understood by many — including Jakob and Chiragh, the founders of Ayopop. They knew there was a market for a one-stop solution for utility bill payments and decided to launch an app that would help Indonesian merchants and consumers. As a result, Ayopop was founded — and has since grown into one of Indonesia’s largest and fastest-growing transaction-processing companies.
To help Indonesian merchants collect bills and facilitate payments, the Ayopop API integrates with utilities, telcos, insurers, and other service providers to offer them a pipeline to banks, ecommerce platforms, and mobile wallets.
Customers can download the Ayopop mobile app and pay bills using the centralized console. They have multiple payment options to choose from, with over 1,000 service providers and billing partners on the platform. Ayopop is currently the largest online bill payment aggregator in Indonesia.
Excited to know more, we connected with Vivek Bansal, Head of Mobile at Ayopop, and we’re sharing his brilliant insights and best practices.

Scope for Growth

In recent years, Indonesia’s demographic and economic development has exhibited a rapid shift from cash-based payments to alternative and mobile payments, highlighting Indonesia’s biggest untapped markets.*
In the past few years, the digital payments sector has seen a lot of impressive and rapid developments in Indonesia. The country started with a mobile-first strategy, allowing it to be in a unique position to experiment and develop new business models on mobile, primarily driven by commerce. Of its 250 million population, 66 million Indonesians use a smartphone.*
However, despite the optimism surrounding Indonesia’s digital economy and the rise of online payments, there have been multiple challenges for businesses like Ayopop:

  1. Brand Awareness: Supporting audience trust around online payment platforms and building authority for the Ayopop brand.
  2. Onboarding and User Engagement: Onboarding new users and educating them about key app features to help make payments and transactions within the app.
  3. User Analytics: Understanding what users are doing in the app and why they are dropping off.
  4. Partner Integration: Plugging in to the right martech partner to overcome these challenges.

We feel honored to be able to support them in overcoming these challenges.

“CleverTap is core to what we’ve built, especially how we markup our development. We make sure that all our product development has CleverTap events associated with them. We have been using CleverTap since early 2018.” — Vivek Bansal, Head of Mobile at Ayopop


Building a Brand User Relationship

The essence of building a strong brand-user relationship and inspiring confidence in your users is having an in-depth user understanding. For this, Ayopop tracks what their users are doing in the app to keep messages relevant and inspire a strong brand-user relationship. Each in-app user interaction is associated with an event that gets tracked in their CleverTap dashboard.
The team also makes sure to focus on the entire user journey — not just one event. They understand that user flows and funnels are not just about what users are doing, but also about identifying where drop-offs occur.
Given their varied user base, smart user segmentation and analytics is essential to their success. Their user analytics help them figure out what kind of people are using their app, what kind of a product they are looking for, and how it’s impacting their overall growth in term GPV.

“We use CleverTap everyday for analytics and marketing ops.” — Vivek Bansal, Head of Mobile at Ayopop


Going One Step Further with CleverTap

Automated segmentation makes it significantly easier for Ayopop to segment users based on their demographics, usage habits, likelihood to convert, and much more. With actionable segments in place, the Ayopop team focuses on experimenting multiple unique user engagement activities, including bill reminders.

Ayopop and CleverTap worked together to build and execute this unique engagement messaging. It allows Ayopop to trigger notifications for each user that includes their specific bill amount, which they can pay just by clicking on the notification CTA. Besides outstanding bills and dues, these reminders also include cashback deals.
The Ayopop team constantly analyzes campaign performance to improve their push CTR and engagement rate as well as boost weekly and monthly repeat users. To get these metrics, they use Funnels and Cohort Analysis. In just three months, they have witnessed a 26% growth in active users and 15% reduction in churn rate.

Beyond Bill Payments

For Ayopop, the future holds a lot more than bill payments. Ayopop plans to launch more offerings in the short term and will increasingly focus on partnerships with ecommerce, traditional market players, and financial service companies to grow beyond bill payments and focus on cross-selling.
We believe that Ayopop has a huge opportunity as it works to improve the end-to-end payments process, and we are grateful to be a part of their journey.

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Last updated on June 26, 2024