Powerful User Segmentation to Drive Growth

At CleverTap we’ve always been on the leading edge of user segmentation capabilities when you send out campaigns. Aggregate data from thousands of our customer campaigns sent every month tells us that the best performing campaigns in terms of click through rates and conversions are the following: 1. Campaigns triggered because of User Inaction These are campaigns where you trigger

Migrating from Parse is harder than it sounds!

With the announcement of Facebook’s closure of Parse, developers and marketers are looking to change mobile providers. Some of the vendors in the space want Parse’s customers to think that’s an easy transition. Nothing could be farther from the truth, even if you are using Parse just for push notifications for your app. Read my

The 7 Key Mobile App Tracking Metrics You Should Track

The massive adoption of mobile apps not withstanding, almost every app owner I meet starts the conversation with the question, “What are the key mobile app tracking metrics that I must follow?” While the answer can vary by domain, below is a list of 7 metrics that every mobile app must track in order to

Taking a Chance…

It’s funny but just mentally out of our fancy corporate jobs and somehow it already feels a lot more exhilarating. There is a sense of speed, a sense of risk, a sense of scare and worry, a sense of what-if-we-don’t-make-it, a sense of what-if-we-actually-make-it and many more… it is great to be feeling all this! We