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$105M Series D, Focused on Building #1 Retention Cloud

$105M Series D, Focused on Building #1 Retention Cloud

I am ridiculously excited to announce our $105M in Series D funding, led by CDPQ. Also participating in this round is IIFL AMC’s Tech Fund, along with existing investors Tiger Global and Peak XV Partners. 
Our founding belief has been that user retention is the fastest way for brands to grow, sustainably. We were the first company in Martech to identify the need for differentiated, modern technology, an end to end platform that leverages user data to provide actionable insights, personalization, journey optimization, predictive segmentation, and experimentation.
We literally invented TesseractDBTM to make this happen. It allows some of the largest brands to hyper-personalize their user touch points using machine learning at scale, without being worried silly by data limitations and cost. 

The Timing is Right

The world is changing rapidly, and there’s been a huge shift to digital like never before. As brands adjust to this shifting landscape, some will adapt better than others. We continue to see a demand from brands who want to leapfrog and grow faster. They’re looking to simplify their growth stacks in favor of unified complete platforms, rather than piecing together multiple point solutions. 

Innovate and Expand

We’re guided by our vision – “Provide technologies & innovations to help brands build strong customer relationships.” 
We’re investing in democratizing data. Making it even more affordable, accessible, and available. We’re building new capabilities around machine learning, better behavioral analytics, collaboration tools, and more ways to offer hyper-personalized experiences. This would maximize the growth potential of businesses like e-commerce, subscription, fintech, on-demand, and streaming.
We are bringing in Leanplum capabilities like feature toggle, product multi-variate testing, and LiveOps to our product to benefit our gaming customers. 
We will grow our teams and build capabilities to serve our customers better, scaling our presence across the globe, and forging ecosystem collaborations. 
Our recent Leanplum acquisition helped us in expanding our presence in North America and Europe. This funding provides an opportunity for us to go deeper into these markets while solidifying our leadership in mobile-first markets like India, South-east Asia, and Latin America. 

A Job Well Done

A big shout out to our CTzens (as we fondly call ourselves), who display values of humility, first principles thinking, and ownership in everything we do. Thanks to you, we recently got recognized as one of India’s Great Mid-size Workplaces 2022.
Together, we’ll continue to build the World’s #1 Retention Cloud. 
The hard work and dedication of our teams, the unflinching loyalty of our customers, and the faith exhibited by our investors show us that the sky is most certainly not the limit for CleverTap! 
Onwards and upwards.
If you’ve never seen the CleverTap demo, then you need to check it out. Seeing is believing. Sign up for a demo.

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Last updated on March 29, 2024