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Delivering Scale and Business Value in 2021: CleverTap Product Recap

Delivering Scale and Business Value in 2021: CleverTap Product Recap

In 2021, customers used CleverTap to send over 1 trillion messages, and create about 9 million campaigns! We strove to understand our customers’ needs and up their CleverTap experience. With our vision of providing technologies and innovations to help brands build strong customer relationships, we augmented our product team and improved our processes so we can deliver faster and smarter.
We intend to gather speed as we step into 2022, deploying more resources, building innovative capabilities, and delivering real business value to our customers.
To get a glimpse of how 2022 will look like for CleverTap and what the future of retention holds for our customers, I invite you to register for our next CleverTap Quarterly event on January 13th, 2022 — it will be a showcase of the latest product features, best practices from the industry and how actual customers are finding success using CleverTap.
As we step into 2022, let’s look back on how we evolved and grew together over the past year.

Adding to Your Engagement Arsenal

For our SMS campaigns, we had two new enhancements that provide more scale and speed.
Batch message delivery reduces the number of network calls, increasing speed by 10x.
And we provided the ability to integrate more SMS providers with CleverTap using oAuth 2.0, a secure token-based authentication.
The enhancements in the web pop-up messaging now allow customers to create feedback ratings and gauge user feedback on the fly from within the CleverTap dashboard. With seamless integration of feedback data into the CleverTap dashboard, this enhancement can be used to create smarter segments and run personalized engagement campaigns, helping customers forge long-term user relationships.
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Listening and Partnering Thoughtfully

CleverTap’s power-packed integration with Shopify is a game-changer. Customers who integrate with Shopify have the ability to create campaigns seamlessly (without any coding), send web campaigns from Shopify-powered websites in one click, and access more events and event properties, to deliver optimal campaign personalization. CleverTap now also supports webhook subscriptions leading to better data accuracy.
We also updated our integration with Adjust to facilitate the import of organic and inorganic attribution data in real time to assess best-performing sources that can be used to create smarter segments and design personalized campaigns. This helps our customers maximize the impact of their mobile marketing efforts and increase their Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS).
For seamless subscription management, we partnered with RevenueCat to send user subscription events such as subscription purchases, renewals, and cancellations to CleverTap seamlessly. This integration helps our customers understand their consumers’ purchase patterns by analyzing in-app purchase data on the CleverTap dashboard.
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Delivering on Our Core Theme of Individualization

Delivering highly personalized and contextual recommendations in CleverTap Campaigns has never been easier. You can now show recommendations to end users by adding additional filters based on their past behavior or location while creating campaigns and track customer patterns to drive hyper-personalized experiences.
We raised the bar by providing the ability to reach your users in 68 languages through WhatsApp message templates. Now you can reach more users and enhance your engagement metrics.
We released Liquid Tags for push notifications delivered via Enhanced Push Delivery, which helps improve deliverability and engagement metrics. With Event and Location Filters,
you are now able to deliver highly personalized and contextual recommendations in campaigns.
Take personalization to the next level with WhatsApp Interactive Templates. Customization of quick reply buttons and message content inclusions is bound to create a lasting impression on your users. Through this enhancement, redirection to a website or calling a number directly, has become effortless.
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Measuring Effectiveness is Our Priority

With enhancement to Campaign Analytics, customers have a cleaner visual layout for campaign stats cards with important metrics at the top of the page. You can also view converted users for each campaign, providing a clear snapshot of campaign performance and areas of improvement.
Email enhancement gave customers the ability to review the number of emails marked as spam, target users with relevant content, and customize mailing lists to prevent hard bounces. This helps enhance your email deliverability rates.
Through a profile property update node in Journeys, customers can track users’ journey milestones to offer them an incentive for different milestones, which increases stickiness and brand affinity.
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Thank you for being a part of our ever-growing and fast-paced journey. Get ready for more excitement in 2022!

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