The CleverTap Platform provides a single, consolidated and comprehensive solution for all your app analytics and user engagement needs.

Behavioral Analytics to get insights into app user activity

Advanced Behavioral Segmentation

Segment users based on any combination of past behavior and profile attributes or add them to a live segment based on their app activity in real time.

Analyze behavior for any segment, or reach mobile users with personalized, contextual messaging.

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Group users who have taken a certain action in your app and track their subsequent actions over time.

Measure retention, engagement and a variety of business metrics for a cohort of users on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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See exactly where app users are dropping off in a multi-step process.

Improve conversions by engaging users with the right message at the right time and reduce churn.

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App marketing engagement suite to influence user behavior

Clever Campaigns

Run pre-built campaigns across the entire app lifecycle of the user to retain acquired users, drive app engagement, increase monetization and help in user win-backs.

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Push Notifications

Send direct, powerful and personalized push notifications to reach users on their mobile device and get their attention back to your app if they are in some other app or some other website.

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Triggered & Scheduled Campaigns

Trigger and schedule campaigns at a certain time or trigger them off based on the app user’s past behavior or their interactions as they happen real-time.

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Trusted Customer-centric Platform


Our customer success team will work closely with you on event design, campaign management and product integration to make sure you are successful right from day one.

We have helped various companies to quickly scale and achieve high-growth. Talk to us to learn more.

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Trigger workflows in your backend systems as soon as a qualifying event occurs. For e.g. Trigger workflows to your call-center system as soon as a high value customer abandons cart.

With Webhooks, you can send your data where you need it without writing any code.

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API- Import data profiles or events from any source or export your data for external analysis to your CRM, business intelligence or any other platforms

Send campaigns programmatically or use the Personalization APIs to access behavior data and customize mobile experiences.

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4000 businesses of all sizes worldwide run on CleverTap.

55Bn events processed per month.

Customers across all verticals – travel, entertainment, food-tech, education, healthcare, etc.

10Bn messages sent per month.

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Innovation-first approach

Live User Segments

When you define a set of behaviors of interest, CleverTap will monitor for these behaviors as they happen in your app and immediately add a user to a segment, the instant their behavior matches your criteria.

You can create Live User Segments for a single activity (Booked a Movie), inaction (Did not buy in a certain time), off of Date/Time Properties of events or website related actions such as Page visit, count or referrer.

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Unified user profile

Get a single view of the user across multiple form-factors, discover how the same user behaves differently across various acquisition channels and run campaigns that contextualy engage them.

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CleverTap in Action

With CleverTap, you need just one solution to Analyze, Segment, Engage, Measure and Track your user’s journey across your entire app.

4000 Happy CleverTap Customers

Your success is our success

Our team is an extension to yours. CleverTap experts will work with you to customize growth strategies that best suit your needs

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