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What Makes CleverTap Different?

Shivkumar M Shivkumar M has over 20 years of experience shaping technology product and GTM strategy. With B2B SaaS expertise across industries, he leads product launches, adoption, and GTM as Director of Product Marketing.
What Makes CleverTap Different?

In the search for mobile analytics and engagement tools, there are a ton of options to choose from. Throw a keyword into any search engine and you’ll inevitably hit a SaaS platform that can do at least some of what you need.
To prove that point, we recently blogged about the many different tools you can use to assemble a marketing technology stack that is geared towards user retention. Our list included competitors precisely because we’re confident our mobile marketing platform stands out from the rest.
But exactly what elements set our platform apart from the competition? And why should you even look into CleverTap?

Our Value Prop: Helping Build Magnetic App Experiences

I’ll save you the corporate jargon and get straight to our value proposition.
In a nutshell, CleverTap helps brands build highly magnetic app experiences — the goal being: to keep users coming back because they’re delighted by their customer experience.
We help you build highly magnetic app experiences

We help you build highly magnetic app experiences

Our core competency is segmentation, which allows brands to group their users into tiny cohorts sharing similar characteristics such as in-app behavior. Our AI-powered segmentation engine even predicts a user’s likelihood to convert, giving you the chance to maximize your marketing spend on the customers with the most potential to increase customer lifetime value.
Segmentation, paired with analytics on user behavior across web and mobile, gives you the chance to engage customers with more thoughtful, more personalized experiences. Because your forged connections with users are what will make them stay for the long haul.
Now, granted, there are a multitude of other companies that can do one or two aspects of the whole. But whatever tools you already use in your martech stack, our platform can draw in all that data and make your analytics actionable.
Below, in more detail, we explain how we stand apart from the competition.

The Competitive Differentiators

Here’s how we distinguish our mobile marketing platform from other similar services, and specific features or functionalities our customers find most useful.

1. Predictive, Automated Segmentation Based on RFM

Competitors: There’s lots of talk around segmentation, but most tools only have basic, rule-based segmentation where you group users based on very specific information such as location, personal information, order status, purchases, or average order value. While it’s useful for many situations, there’s so much more that segmentation can do.
CleverTap: Our automated segmentation tool can predict the likelihood of any user converting. It does this via RFM analysis — the ranking of users by recency, frequency, and monetary value of purchases made. It allows the system to segment your customers into those who are most likely (or least likely) to churn, or those who are potential loyalists, so you can focus marketing efforts on the more profitable segments.
Use Case: If you take a look at your users and see that new customers are not consistently turning into “champions,” you can go directly into your engagement suite and build a messaging campaign aimed at new users, promoting the type of products that similar users typically enjoy.
What Our Customers Say:
“To ensure that these experiences are in line with the end users’ expectations at all times, enabling effective user engagement has been one of our key drivers.”
~ Marzdi Kalianiwala, Head of Marketing & Business Intelligence, BookMyShow

CleverTap automated segmentation tool

CleverTap’s automated segmentation tool groups your users according to RFM

2. Analytics + Engagement Without the Headache

Competitors: While lots of companies focus solely on analytics, they lack a comprehensive suite of engagement tools. And then there are companies that just do engagement but may only have basic analytics. Or they may need an analytics add-on to truly examine user behavior within your app.
CleverTap: While other companies have one or the other, we excel at both:

  • Audience analytics for tracking behavior and trends, and
  • Omnichannel engagement tools that allow you to immediately translate insight into action.

Use Case: Say that your app users begin to show a trend where the largest purchases are made before midnight on most weekdays. Use that insight to build a new email campaign targeting on-the-fence users and send it at 10 pm on a weekday. Then use the analytics suite to track the campaign’s effectiveness in real time and pivot if the recipients do not convert from the email.
What Our Customers Say:
“CleverTap offers the perfect mix of analytics and engagement. With live user segments and real-time data, we always have our eye on the dashboard to understand which users are dropping off and which campaigns need to be optimized.”
~ Manan Bajoria, Head of Growth Marketing, Lenskart

Analytics with engagement means you can turn insight into action ASAP

Analytics with engagement means you can turn insight into action ASAP

3.Single Source of Truth for User Engagement Analytics

Competitors: Whenever you assemble a marketing technology stack made up of various different tools, you inevitably run across the difficulty of having to reconcile data from one tool to the other. For example, when 2 of 5 tools say you have different app download metrics, which version do you trust?
CleverTap: Because we are a platform, we can take in data from any of your existing tools using APIs. The platform is maximized when it serves as the single source of truth. You can break down data silos and combine data from multiple sources — mobile phones, tablets, POS systems, and attain a single view of your customers in real time, while they interact with your app, website, or brick-and-mortar store.
Use Case: Say your physical stores are set up with beacons and geolocation, and you now want to see which customer segments are coming into your stores and what they’re buying. Our platform helps you process millions of data points and even run advanced queries while users use your app or shop in the store in real time.
What Our Customers Say:
“We can look at the users’ journey across multiple devices: from the web, to their phone, or their tablet. This not only provides us with a single view of the customer but also improves engagement and the user journey across channels and devices.”
~ Inma Cañadas, VP Head of Marketing – Fandango Latam, Fandango

CleverTap acts as the single source of truth for your user data

CleverTap acts as the single source of truth for your user data

4. Scalability of Tools as You Grow

Competitors: There are many companies that boast about their ability to process messaging in the millions. But many of them succumb to data ingestion issues when faced with the challenge of sending messages in real time. They’re severely limited in servicing brands whose users number in the millions.
CleverTap: Our platform processes an average of over eight billion user actions each day. And we’ve sent 26 million push messages per minute… our competitors cannot match that volume.
In addition, mobile apps with millions of monthly active users will need the power of AI and ML to help personalize these experiences with more than just {firstname} and {lastname}. Personalized push messages, for example, shouldn’t be promoting a product the user has already bought. And this is something that only our platform can perform on a scale that enterprises need.
Use Case: Say your ecommerce app has 500 million users and you’re pushing out a New Year’s Sale campaign to the entire user base, but want to surface the sale items most relevant to users. Using CleverTap, you can send the omnichannel campaign by email, push notification, in-app message, and even social media, but still tailor the message so each segment sees the category of items they’re most interested in.
Even better, with AI managing the segmentation process automatically, your company can market to those at risk of churn, or new users with the potential to become repeat purchasers, and ignore those users who will likely never convert.
What Our Customers Say:
”With the millions of active subscribers that we have on the SonyLIV platform, personalization can be a little tricky. We partnered with CleverTap to make sense of our user data. This allowed us to target our users with the right messages at the right time.”
~ Abishek Joshi, Head of Marketing, Subscriptions & Content Licensing – Digital Business, SonyLIV

The Difference is Clear

If you do a search for marketing technology tools, and especially for customer experience tools, you will find a long list of options.
But if you want to build a highly magnetic app, then the journey begins with choosing a platform that helps you truly understand your users’ behavior and scale your marketing efforts efficiently. Because to provide an outstanding customer experience, half of the battle is won by having the right tool in place.

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Posted on December 12, 2019