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Harness the power of CleverTap’s proprietary mobile marketing platform

Experience Unparalleled Speeds with CleverTap’s In-Memory Database

Send a push notification to a segment of 50 million users within seconds. Analyze the click-through rates for the campaign in real-time so you can adjust spends.CleverTap’s architecture is built on a proprietary database designed for analyzing user behavior at scale. We store the entire data set in memory, allowing us to process complex queries without any pre-computation – making us truly real-time.

Easily Scale from Zero to Millions of Users

Boldly grow where no app has grown before. CleverTap has proven success in onboarding apps with over 100M downloads, several million MAUs, and running thousands of campaigns daily. Our auto-scaling mechanism ensures that you can scale seamlessly without any interruption.Our platform operates on a massive scale, processing over 60 billion data points every day without any loss of service or decline in performance.

Bring Advanced Data Science to Your Fingertips

The CleverTap platform is used to send more than 10 billion messages each month. We offer exploratory data science capabilities that allow query-intensive analyses, such as multi-dimensional funnels and pivot tables, process results in a matter of seconds.The mechanism is performed at the query-processing layer, instead of the storage layer, allowing us to adjust sampling ratios to accommodate the most complex business use cases. We have been a trusted partner for customers growing from zero to millions of users in a matter of days. Are you next?.

Engineered for Security and Stability

Protecting customer data is a top priority at CleverTap. The system is built so there is no single point of failure. Data is replicated across a number of physical and logical volumes to protect it against accidental loss.CleverTap offers enterprise-grade security, privacy, and confidentiality of customer data. All data collection endpoints support TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 encryption protocols with SHA256withRSA signature algorithm.

Use the Platform Optimized for Guaranteed Uptime

With CleverTap, you never have to worry about missed messages or notifications, regardless of volume or geography. Our database is custom built from scratch so we don’t have to rely on external product updates, allowing us to offer guaranteed uptime to our customers.

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