To get a holistic picture of what is happening in your business, you need to pivot on the user.

CleverTap not only provides the best analytics and user engagement features but a consolidated solution that allows you to make engagement decisions based on your product analytics. Now, at every stage of the user lifecycle, product and marketing collaborates together and makes decisions that are in the best interest of the customer and the business.

Scalable, Reliable, Secure and Highly-available modern architecture lets you run understand and react to your users in real-time.


55 billion

1 billion

10 billion

Protecting customer data is critical to our business and data security is a core pillar of our engineering best practices.

We take privacy very seriously. Businesses have complete control of what data they want to capture with CleverTap, with controls to anonymize or restrict certain data.

Trusted platform across the globe

We provide a comprehensive behavioral insights and user engagement suite that enables brands to identify, target, engage, measure and monetize users across mobile and web. Our unique approach, which combines analytics and engagement on a single platform, helps high-growth businesses to first understand their users and then create personalized, timely and contextual experiences at scale.

Open behavioral analytics and user engagement platform

Server APIs

Import data profiles or events from any source or export your data for external analysis to your CRM, business intelligence or any other platforms


Trigger workflows in your backend systems as soon as the qualifying event occurs. For example: Trigger a workflow to your call-center system as soon as a high value customer abandons cart.

Value-First – Access to world-class features at the best price

Our robust architecture is engineered ground-up to support complex use cases and process hundreds of millions of data points in less than a second. We provide a competitive feature-set at an optimal cost because of our rapid engineering innovations that are focused on providing the best value to our customers.

We support

  • Mobile

  • Tablet

  • Desktop

  • Smart TV

  • Point of Sale

  • CMS

  • CRMs

Platforms we support