Why we sponsored TechCrunch Disrupt’s battlefield competition

CleverTap is excited to be sponsoring TechCrunch Disrupt’s Battlefield competition. While there are many start-up competitions, Disrupt’s success is indisputable. Look at the numbers. Funders would kill to have a fraction of their 85% success rate (where success is defined as either being acquired or living on independently).

From a marketing standpoint, it’s easy to partner with a winner. And, yes, you get a chance to do fun things like raiding your kids’ completely excessive nerf collection to use as props for selfie – winner gets an Apple watch btw, just stop by the CleverTap booth. But marketing perks aside, the two things that get me excited about sponsoring the competition are aligning with entrepreneurs and supporting the next wave of technology.

We all have friends that work in big companies. Ok, so maybe you won’t be seen with them in public, but you’ll be their “client” for Macklemore (looking forward to seeing Snoop btw). We love our corporate brethren (and certainly appreciate the consulting gigs that come our way). But, let’s face it, the fire of an entrepreneur is rarely contained by a big company mission, no matter how visionary and authentic.

We love that, and we’re excited to be supporting the passion and spirit that are at the core of being an entrepreneur. Heck, we’re living it ourselves (just got our Series A from Sequoia Capital India and Accel Partners).

The list of former Battlefield winners is both extensive and impressive. It’s a great list in which to be included in. Mint, Dropbox, Yammer to name a few. But to be fair, judging a start-up competition doesn’t seem that different from choosing the “best” performance for an actor or the “best” song. While there might be some objective criteria to apply, it’s an inherently subjective process. And that’s not a slight on the system, quite the opposite. It’s simply to call out the impact, so many companies are making this week at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Wishing all contestants in the Battlefield competition the best of luck and excited about the next few days.

The CleverTap Team


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