Top 3 FREE must have mobile SDKs to launch your app (+Bonus recommendations!)

Choosing the right mobile SDK for your app can be time consuming and confusing. The right marketing tools depend on many factors including app design, app platform, and the type of app and what are your KPIs for measuring success.  With these questions in mind, here are a few FREE lightweight SDK’s to launch your app with.

1) Crashlytics (FREE) User Testing

The importance of testing your app is critical if you want your mobile launch to be a success. From developing the initial idea for building your app, it’s critical to have a third party test your build either by a professional tester or app testing tool to identify any bugs or required feature updates prior to your App Store submission.
If you want to keep a pulse on how your app is doing, we recommend a FREE download of Crashlytics.

With Beta by Crashlytics you have a pulse on your testers’ activities and the issues they experience. Your distributions are integrated with their crash reporting solution to help you understand your build stability. Get performance insights, starting with beta testing, all the way through App or Play store distribution. From your beta dashboard we directly link to your crash reporting issues list so you can easily dive right into these issues.


2) CleverTap Clever Campaigns & Analytics (YES! & FREE up to 1 Million users EVERY month)

The design of your app is one of the most important factors in building a successful app. In today’s competitive market, the quality and performance of your app are directly connected to creating a fluid user experience and to build brand loyalty.  What’s more, once you’ve built your app, knowing who’s using it and how to retain them become critical metrics from day 1.  Using CleverTap’s lightweight SDK will unlock a variety of our out-of-the-box benefits such as:

  1. Increase adoption – Using CleverTap’s pre-built templates, you can send a quick campaign via email or in-app message welcoming users to your app and offering them a discount, or offer via deep link to get users excited at first use.  Once they have downloaded, send reminders on days 1, 3 and 7 via push messages telling them why your app is so awesome.
  2. Better Engagement –  Once the app is installed, there are a few quick reminders that lead to better engagement.  One is to make sure they have the latest version of your app, and the second to get back non-returning users.
  3. Prevent attrition – Send a push notification to users if they haven’t used your app for longer than twice their regular frequency.  Then also make sure if someone has uninstalled your app you circle back with them to let them know of current updates or offers that will sweeten their user experience and keep them returning for more.

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3) FREE Attribution Links and Analysis

Acquiring new users can be tough and figuring out your sources through a variety of marketing tactics can prove cumbersome.  Enter  Their FREE solution will allow you to track deep links from web to mobile – increasing conversions and tracking those installs.  Using their attribution dashboard you can quickly create new links and analyze where your paid and organic installs are coming from.

App Store Optimization ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results, the more visible it is to potential customers.
We suggest that you optimize the following App Store information prior to launch:

  •    App Store Keywords, Meta Data, and Tags
  •    App Store Icons & Screenshots
  •    App Store Copy
  •    App Store Ratings & Reviews
    Overall, integrating a Mobile SDK to test, track and analyze user behavior can help you optimize your user experience of your mobile app from download to engagement. Using data-driven decision making at each stage of the app lifecycle, marketers and developers can create an app experience that substantially increases your chances of launching a successful app.

CleverTap Analytics & Engagement
There is a host of options for choosing a mobile analytics and engagement platform for your app. Before launching a new mobile product, you need the right tool to track user actions, create messaging campaigns, optimize acquisition spends, and personalize your app experience with minimal marketing efforts.

Here’s how CleverTap can help:

  •    Integrate our SDK in 30 minutes or less
  •    Instantly access metrics like daily/monthly active users, app launches by time of day or by geography and daily app uninstalls
  •    Send pre-built personalized campaigns that are ready to run in minutes
  •    Track user actions in real-time with funnel reports, retention, cohorts, and trends
  •    Create clever rule-based campaigns to send push notifications, email messages and in-app messaging to different user segments.
  •  Code level access with our Naked API allows you to create personalized app experiences for each user



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