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The CleverTap Difference: Simplicity and Power in One Integrated Solution

Mrinal Parekh Mrinal, Senior Product Marketing Manager at CleverTap, excels in B2B strategy, market planning, and product launches. Proven success at Razorpay and Amazon.
The CleverTap Difference: Simplicity and Power in One Integrated Solution

The mobile engagement industry has evolved into a complex marketplace. Some estimates say that apps have 15 SDKs on average* — over a dozen separate solutions integrated into an app for analytics, acquisition tracking, app store optimization, and engagement marketing.
Beyond the app, consumers engage with brands online and offline: on the web, email, social media platforms, and in stores. Understanding and optimizing the customer experience is challenging with so many data sources, tracking, and engagement tools. While this disjointed ecosystem has led to decent results, it’s time for the next evolution of engagement marketing.
In the early land grab of any burgeoning space, speed to market is critical. Make something useful fast, get in early, and lock in customers before the competition moves in. This naturally occurred in the mobile engagement space. Separate solutions were built to send push notifications, aggregate app analytics, optimize the in-app experience, and track user acquisition. While point solutions can build momentum at the start of an industry, at some point the market will mature and demand more.
Now is that time. Consumers expect brands to anticipate their needs and deliver personalized content. In a world of unlimited choices and constant demands on attention, building relationships with customers requires consistent brand experiences across touchpoints with in-the-moment relevance. What worked even a year or two ago is no longer enough for today, or the future of engagement: competition is fierce, expectations are high, and global conditions are uncertain.
Growth-oriented businesses recognize that investing in customer relationships is crucial to success. Leaders have focused on optimizing experiences for customers and mastered what is available, but are limited in reaching a new level of success due to the same core problem that has been around for years. That data silo problem of 2012 never went away; unstructured data is a problem for 95% of businesses.
This is how that fundamental problem manifests in today’s mobile engagement space:

  • “Real time” is often misused to refer to a data sync between two separate systems that actually takes hours or even days.
  • Campaign metrics are not connected to business KPIs.
  • User data lacks richness in which to create contextual relevance for customers.

Why CleverTap?

While point solutions were built to solve the question of: how do I create a great push notifications tool or analytics platform? CleverTap was built to solve the problem of customer retention. And while many point solutions are shifting their marketing to claim they solve for retention, the way their technology was built is limited in actually doing so.
CleverTap is an integrated analytics and engagement platform built on a comprehensive data layer that unifies customer data across all sources. Data is stored and accessed within one platform. This enables real-time responsiveness to user actions, allows for transparent attribution to understand how engagement campaigns are impacting business KPIs, and provides the ability to automate campaigns with higher degrees of relevance.
Our solution provides simplicity and power in one integrated platform. Simplicity in the form of one SDK and power from what can be accomplished from the totality of the five core capabilities available:
1. Complete engagement toolkit
2. Real-time actionable analytics
3. Unified customer profiles
4. Automated and predictive segmentation
5. Individualization at scale

1. Complete Engagement Toolkit

Create a consistent brand experience for customers wherever they are, inside or outside of the app. Orchestrate and automate omnichannel campaigns across twelve messaging channels. Engage with both messaging campaigns and an optimized app experience: A/B test app design, provide customized experiences to different segments, and control feature deployment. Understand customers in the context of defined lifecycle stages and encourage them to progress from one stage to the next.

Omnichannel Campaigns

Our platform offers 12 messaging channels to reach users contextually. Re-engage users with push notifications to bring them back into the app, or engage with users inside the app with in-app messages, app inbox, or Native Display. Connect with users on high engagement channels outside your app: WhatsApp, email, and SMS. We also support creating campaigns for Facebook Audiences and Google Ads. Reach users while they are on desktop or mobile browsers with web push and web pop-ups. Or utilize webhooks to connect with any other channel outside of the CleverTap platform.
Maximize the effectiveness of campaigns by optimizing the content, timing, and reach of a message. Test message effectiveness, send at the optimal time, and design emails with our intuitive editor. Additionally, achieve maximum push deliverability with our amplification tools.
Journeys provide the ability to orchestrate a sequence of campaigns aligned to a specific goal. Compose campaigns that span any length of time and engage with the user as they perform specific actions to keep them engaged in the right way at the right time. Then, view campaign statistics in real time to see how users are flowing through each step.

Product Experiences

Messaging campaigns and the app design are complementary user experiences that both contribute to retention and customer lifetime value. With Product Experiences, access all the tools needed to optimize and customize the app. A/B test app design and visual elements to make data-driven decisions; create varied experiences for different user segments; test and rollout features to any segment of users.

Lifecycle Optimization

Understand customers in the context of defined lifecycle stages and encourage them to progress from one stage to the next. Lifecycle Optimizer is an innovative feature that is unique to our platform. Automate engagement campaigns to bring users into deeper levels of engagement with your brand. Optimize how customers progress through defined customer lifecycle stages. Get a complete view of all users by engagement level and create optimized campaigns that are proven to move customers forward to the next lifecycle stage.

2. Real-Time Actionable Analytics

Understand user behavior and trigger engagement campaigns in real time. The integration of analytics and engagement tools in one platform provides the advantage of greater understanding of a user base and the ability to engage with customers in real time. Identify meaningful trends and drop-off points; understand churn and take action to improve retention; view the effectiveness of ad spend; and gain more insights with customizable events and formulas.

3. Unified Customer Profiles

Break the data silos and unify data across all sources into a single view of the customer. The Unified Customer Profile is where data is collected for each user as they interact with the app and any additional data that is imported from other sources. This complete view of each user becomes the rich dataset that can be analyzed to get a comprehensive understanding of the entire user base. It is also foundational to the advanced segmentation and individualization tools inside CleverTap, which leads to highly relevant and targeted engagements.
Each profile includes all behavioral data from the app and website interactions, campaign visits, and data from outside the app. Additionally, static information is collated, including: preferences, interests, location, devices, reachability, and communication opt-ins.

4. Automated and Predictive Segmentation

Our platform is unique in that it was built with a sophisticated segmentation layer with real-time access to user data. Because of this, you can identify key user groups and engage them instantaneously.
Create segments based on any data captured in the unified customer profile (location, demographics, interests, etc.), user actions or inactions, and live user activity. Import any list of users that has been curated outside the CleverTap platform. Identify predictive segments with machine learning to discover groups of users with probable future behaviors.

5. Individualization at Scale

Reach customers with content targeted to their unique behaviors and preferences to maximize retention and lifetime value. Beyond standard personalization, connect data in meaningful ways with automated campaigns that provide content for unique users. Personalize messages with data pulled from third-party sources, user properties, and past behavior. Accelerate product discovery with predictive recommendations based on past behavior and interests, and promote business-side activity with campaigns that reach users with specific interests.
CleverTap is built to provide what is needed to successfully engage customers today and in the future: a full suite of engagement tools, actionable analytics, powerful segmentation, and individualization capabilities. All of this is only possible with the real-time access to customer data built into our platform. It’s time to rethink what is needed for great customer engagement because the solutions created for yesterday are not enough for success tomorrow.

Last updated on March 29, 2024