Create Customer Journeys that Delight at Every Touchpoint

Visually build and deliver omnichannel campaigns based on your users’ behavior, location, and lifecycle stage.

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Automate Engagement Across Any Channel

Modern devices call for modern automation. Weave together engagement campaigns that connect across channels like push, email, SMS, and the in-app experience.

Engage Users at the Perfect Time

Whether you’re looking to turn new users into active ones or take advantage of the perfect promo opportunity, Journeys has all the tools needed to deliver value early and often.
Onboarding Campaigns
Hook new users early on with campaigns that encourage regular use.
Increase App Usage
Alert users when there’s something new to announce or promote.
Drive Conversions
Send automated reminders to users who don’t complete an order.
Re-engagement Campaigns
Resurrect inactive users by sending different types of engagement messages.

Monitor Success Every Step of the Way

With our rich marketing insights, you’ll get a live-view of how your campaigns are performing — to see what’s working or what needs improvement. Easily segment users while in a Journey, creating different paths that match their activity.

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