What’s New: Sharing funnels, cohorts and segments

When you’re working in a team it’s often critical to share your work. Now all the funnels, cohorts and segments you create in CleverTap can be saved and shared with other members of your team. Everyone can see the same thing.

save funnel clevertapSaving and sharing is simple. Select “Save Funnel” or “Save Segment,” give it a name, and we share it with everyone who is a member of your account by default. Or uncheck the box marked “Make it Public” to keep it private to yourself.

Remember that only users with Admin and Creator Roles are able to create and save segments. Everyone, including users with Member Roles are able to see them.

Check out the short video to see how it works. Also, you can learn more about Cohort Analysis and how to drive user retention here.


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