What’s New: Ready dashboards

One of our goals at WizRocket has been to give our customers better business insights, and make data analysis easier for them. To that effect, we’re happy to announce the launch of a new feature – Dashboards. Along with the Realtime Dashboard which already shows user centric realtime traffic stats, we’ve added 5 more dashboards which provide a holistic view of what’s happening across your apps and website.

  1. Conversion Dashboard – shows user acquisition, engagement and conversion trends over time.
  2. Revenue Dashboard – shows total revenue, number of transactions, count of paying users and much more.
  3. Campaign Dashboard – shows campaign centric metrics on user acquisition, engagement, revenue, revenue per acquired user. This makes it easy to see your top performing campaigns and campaign sources in realtime.
  4. Mobile App Dashboard – shows DAU, MAU, Day-1 Engagement, Day-3 and Day-7 Retention, and other relevant metrics for mobile apps
  5. People Dashboard – shows rich profiles of users who are 1) newly acquired, 2) show engagement and 3) have become customers



WizRocket integration takes just a few minutes and starts providing value immediately.

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