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Growth Hacking Tips for the Savvy Mobile Marketer

Tanushree Shenvi Tanushree Shenvi is a data-driven marketer with 10+ years of experience in performance marketing and product analytics. She currently leads the Product Intelligence function at CleverTap.
Growth Hacking Tips for the Savvy Mobile Marketer

Almost every service and product company has created a mobile app to make life easier for their users/customers, but struggle to prevent users from uninstalling their app and try hard to keep their users engaged. Apps are meant to facilitate ‘personalized’ engagement with users. Engagement with the user in a relevant and timely manner translates users into paying customers. Sending the correct message at the correct time will keep a user engaged with your app.
To ace ‘personalization’, businesses need insights into user behavior. And if you are a startup, you need to spread your information net wider and deeper because you know nothing about how users want to engage with your app. The more you understand your user, the better you engage with them.
So, the message is simple.
Information about user behavior and personalized engagement are critical to the success of your app. But, apps do not come with an in-built functionality of capturing, processing and utilizing this kind of information. So, to unveil the true potential of an app, you have to complement it with the right ‘app analytics and engagement tool’.
In the recent years, a slew of app analytics and engagement tools have hit the market. All tools come with a lot of pros and a few cons each. That raises the question- how to choose the right tool for your startup?
The answer lies in what matters the most to your startup from a growth perspective. The tool you choose should support the growth strategy of your start-up. Simple!
High engagement, increased retention, and continuing mobile app revenue are the top goals of a start-up. Having said that, here is how CleverTap helps start-ups grow their business.

Understand and Analyze your Users Better

Segmenting users based on who they are or what they have done in your app will help you to interact with them contextually and guide them through the buyer’s journey.
CleverTap allows you to define user behavior and monitors these behaviors as they happen in the app. You can set automated push notifications, SMSes and emails in response to the behaviors. With the engagement platform, you can optimize click through rates of responses.

Mobile App Engagement and Retention Strategies

Mobile App Engagement and Retention Strategies

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Here are some use-cases of the different segmentation filters that CleverTap offers:

    • User action/inaction: Set up a funnel with a sequence of steps that represent your business objectives. Interact with a user based on whether or not he completed a step towards conversion.

User Action

    • Profile attributes: Segment users based on attributes like revenue, last interacted, etc. Run a campaign to get inactive users back to interact with the app. Reward loyal customers. Run offers encouraging users to buy.

Display Common Properties

    • Geographic location: Analyze user behavior based on location. Explore locations where users are active at a particular time, their interaction habits etc.


    • Frequency of activity: Come up with innovative campaigns to move users forward in the marketing funnel for those who clicked on notifications or played a video but have not made a purchase yet.


    • Relative/absolute time: Send push notifications to all users reminding them about the sale that will start tomorrow. You can also schedule them to be sent out based on the user’s time zone. Not just this, you can also send out notifications time relative to a particular task performed in the app – to users who have not completed the registration, to those who have added items to cart but have not purchased them.

User Not Purchased

Personalize at Scale or Engage them using the right channel at the right time

CleverTap facilitates live user segmentation based on their behaviour as it happens in the app. Identify customers you are about to lose based on whether or not they completed a specific activity and send them personalized push notifications, emails and SMSes, with an incentive to buy.
Discount Push Notification


Retention strategies also rely extensively on segmentation. Segmentation combined with push notifications is the most promising way to get users back to your app.
The cost of acquiring a new user is five times higher than the cost of retaining an existing user. Almost 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers, and it costs much more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one satisfied
CleverTap has some handy campaigns targeted specifically at getting users back to the app. Apart from push notifications to users who were inactive for some days, CleverTap has in-built campaign templates to engage with users who have not opened the app for longer than their regular frequency.
Regular Frequency
You can combine auto-segmentation with clever campaigns to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time. Choose the most optimal channel from email, push notifications and in-app notifications for your users.

Dashboard and Reporting

Reporting is one of the major problems with many tools. CleverTap has an intuitive dashboard, which helps you in taking decisions for a complex problem in a second, apart from that you can get all reports directly to your inbox.
CleverTap has four default dashboards for –

    • Today

Demo Today

    • Mobile App

Demo Mobile App

    • Uninstalls

Demo Uninstall

    • Revenue

Demo Revenue
The analytics dashboard allows you to process user data on a real-time basis to enhance the user experience.
CleverTap also has a set of Clever Campaigns that allows you to engage with users as they move through the app. You can engage with users by targeting critical touch points in their journey with welcome campaigns, reminder campaigns and re-engagement campaigns.
CleverTap is an end-to-end app analytics and engagement tool that serves the purpose of decision-making and user retention in a single dashboard.

The Intelligent Mobile Marketing Platform

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Last updated on June 10, 2024