Tailor the journey to their tastes

Send relevant & targeted emails powered with personalization & segmented by user behavior

Product Recommendations
Product recommendations

“We know you’ll love this!”

Delight your audience with personalized 1:1 product recommendations that automatically adapt to customer behavior.

  • Tailored Recommendations Tailored recommendations

    Increase engagement by automatically recommending items based on a user’s buying patterns and usage trends.

  • More UpsellMore upsell

    Increase order value & upsell opportunities by showing new categories based on the recent transactions of similar customers.

  • Liquid TagsLiquid tags

    Using Liquid Tags, further personalize the message by adding conditional logic (e.g.: if the customer is “gold” give them a 20% discount, otherwise provide a 10% discount).


“Guess what’s back in stock?”

An item is restocked? A new product launched? Our ready-to-send bulletins can be automatically dispatched to users who have indicated an interest — and it’s all automated.

  • Easy SetupEasy setup

    Set up a bulletin once simply by identifying the business event and the types of users who would be interested.

  • Automatic SendAutomatic send

    Every time that business event occurs, the campaign is automatically sent. Once it’s set up, it’s always good to go.

  • Individualization at ScaleIndividualization at scale

    Message templates can automatically populate with dynamic info outside of CleverTap, such as available inventory levels, flight prices, movie reviews, and more.


Unleash your brand’s growth potential with the power of robust data and analytics.