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Timely Resources to Help Mobile Marketers Navigate This New Normal

Subharun Mukherjee 18+ years of experience leading product strategy, Go-To-Market (GTM), new market entry, value-based sales, analyst relations, and customer experience programs. Expertise in Financial Services, eCommerce, on-demand services, and the SaaS industry.
Timely Resources to Help Mobile Marketers Navigate This New Normal

There’s no question this period of uncertainty and ambiguity has mobile marketers revisiting their strategy. Messaging that was applicable a month ago is no longer relevant. 
While this new reality presents more than a handful of challenges, it leaves mobile marketers questioning: How do we adapt to this new normal? How are users responding, and more importantly, how can we continue to provide value through a crisis? 
We’ve curated a list of articles and free ebooks we believe will be extremely useful during this time, and will provide some insight into how you can tackle unforeseen churn, track the right metrics, and continue to be there for your users.

On Connecting With Your Users

Conversational Marketing: Building Customer Relationships One Interaction at a Time
Communicating like a human with thousands of users can be difficult. Learn how to master this one-on-one engagement with your users, request feedback, and find the right channels for interaction. 
What is Emotional Branding and How to Use it Effectively
Now, more than ever, it’s important for marketers to read the room. If you continue to push your regularly scheduled programming to your users during this crisis, you risk looking tone-deaf and impersonal. This post delves into how to incorporate emotional branding into your strategy and how top brands use it to generate awareness and build lasting connections with their users.

Relationship Marketing: Connecting With Customers in Times of Crisis
Relationship marketing is all about fostering loyalty from your users. But how do you do this in a time like today? Go beyond conversions, and look at everything from the onboarding process to loyalty programs. Learn why empathy and brand identity are essential to nurturing a long-term bond with customers, and how to implement relationship marketing into your campaigns right away. 
7 Tactics for Humanizing Your Brand
Being a more human brand with your customers can be especially refreshing during this social distancing era. From campaign overhauls to small tweaks in messaging, learn how easy it is to humanize your brand and see how mobile companies are already doing it successfully. 

On Combating Churn

Churn Rate: How to Define and Calculate Customer Churn
You can’t reduce churn without measuring it. This article covers all the basics on churn — as well as how to break it down by tracking the right benchmarks and establishing strategies to combat future attrition. 
Take Control of Churn with Retention Analysis
Churn will always be a problem for mobile marketers. And without the right insights, fighting churn can feel like flying a plane blindfolded. Retention analysis puts the power back in your hands so you can create an effective, data-driven battle plan to get ahead of churn. Learn more about this proven tactic, and how it can help reduce churn and fuel long-term business growth. 

Churn Analysis: Why Predicting App User Attrition is Crucial to Preventing It
Here’s a tip: once you understand churn, you’ll be able to predict it. And once you can predict it, you can prevent it. Gain actionable insights that help you get ahead of it with this 3-step process for mobile user churn analysis.
Preventing Mobile App Churn
Less than 25% of users come back to an app just three days after downloading. Reducing churn needs to be your top priority from the moment you launch. Download this PDF to calculate churn rate benchmarks and receive a step-by-step guide on using cohort analysis to keep uninstalls at bay. 

On Optimizing Your Outreach

What Are Push Notifications? What We Learned from Sending 40 Billion Messages [Infographic]
We did the leg work and discovered what works and what doesn’t when it comes to push notifications. Learn the best time of day to send, personalization tips, ideal character count, and what calls-to-action work best for push notification engagement. 

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Retention-Boosting Push Notifications
How many push notifications is too many? Should all push notifications be actionable? These questions and more are answered in this ultimate guide to push notifications. Also included: a comprehensive checklist so you can make sure every single push is relevant, timely, and valuable. 
Push Notification Best Practices: 35 Tips for Dramatically Better Messages
What does a successful push notification look like? Here we provide 35 concrete examples of successful push messages. Keep it handy when you’re looking for some push notification inspiration. 
10 Trigger Campaigns and Ideas to Engage Users
Automate meaningful engagement with trigger campaigns. In this post, we discuss how trigger campaigns can boost engagement and share examples of successful campaigns and tips to trigger users into action. 
How to Do SMS Marketing Right: 10 Tips for Successful Text Campaigns
Texting has the highest engagement rate of any marketing medium by far with an 82% open rate. This article covers the essentials of text message marketing and provides examples from leading brands to help you use SMS to engage and convert more customers.  
Push Notifications or SMS: Which Should You Use?
Not sure which one is right for your app? We’ve got you covered. We share the pros and cons of each, along with tips on when one is better than the other. 
8 Retention-Boosting Emails Every Mobile Brand Should Send
Don’t forget about email! Email has proven to increase customer LTV, average order values, and purchase frequency. Here’s a list of event- or behavior-triggered emails every brand should have ready to go. 
10 In-App Messaging Best Practices – Some Will Surprise You
In-app messages can help move users along while you already have their full attention within your app. At CleverTap, we’ve seen that in-app messages can increase your click-through rates by over 100% in comparison to push notifications. Learn best practices for improving your in-app messages, such as color-scheme preferences and headline suggestions, to help your customers see the full potential of your app. 
Grab-And-Go Push Notification Templates
Not sure where to begin building your push notifications? To save you time and headspace, we’ve compiled a list of 40+ grab-and-go templates you can swipe, edit, test, and send right now to drive immediate engagement for your app. 
How to Write Push Notifications That Engage and Convert 
To understand what today’s users want, our data science team took a magnifying glass to over 300 billion push notifications. Learn what works to engage app users — and what doesn’t. Discover the latest industry trends, copywriting tips, optimal timing, and key takeaways by vertical. 

On Boosting Retention

Calculating Customer Retention Rate [Calculator]
Want to calculate your current retention rate since the crisis began? Look no further. With this retention rate calculator, you can determine your current retention rate and compare it to other months to get a good idea of how to pivot your strategy.
Cohort Analysis: The Key to Improving User Retention for Your App
How do you find out what makes some users leave and others stay? Cohort analysis. Track how long different cohorts stay active in your app after they perform certain actions, and see which actions have a positive or negative effect on retention. 
The Mobile Marketer’s Guide to Mastering User Retention
It’s simple: your current customers are more essential to growth than new users. By keeping 10% more of your existing users — the people who already like you — your value will essentially increase by a third. So what’s stopping you? Read everything you need to know about user retention in this guide.

Solve the Retention Problem By Delivering the Emotional Connection Users Crave
To keep customers around, mobile brands need to focus on what actually matters: timely, meaningful engagement that deepens emotional connections. Understand what drives this relationship with users and which brands are doing this well. 
Beyond Analytics: The Secret to User Retention is Rapid Action
Analytics alone may help you understand your retention problem, but it won’t fix it. Improving retention is about how quickly you can use those analytics to implement tools that fight churn and boost CLTV. In this post, we share ways you can take action to improve retention today. 
The Big Book of Customer Retention
Learn how some of the world’s leading mobile brands such as Vodafone, Cleartrip, and Fandango, build engaging experiences and move the needle on long-term customer retention. 

On Metrics That Matter

The Definitive Guide to Mobile App Metrics
All the data in the world won’t help you grow your mobile app unless you know how to interpret and apply it. Use this as your mobile metrics bible — to help identify which metrics are important to you and how you need to track them to understand the ROI of your app.
Customer Lifetime Value: What is it and How to Calculate
CLV is the lifeblood of retention. It predicts the profit margin a company expects to earn over the entirety of their business relationship with the average customer. This article covers the formula for calculating CLV as well as best practices for improving it.

What CMOs Want: The Mobile Marketing Metrics Executives Actually Care About
What metrics does your CMO actually want to see? How do you communicate your marketing success or prove to your CMO that you need to add to your martech stack? Here is a definitive list of metrics that matter most to marketing executives. 
Why the Best Conversion Rate for Mobile App Downloads Isn’t As Good As This KPI
What is this KPI? Why is it a better KPI than conversions? Why is this so strangely secretive? Why do you keep asking questions when you can just click the link and find out? 

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Last updated on April 5, 2024