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How Businesses Can Benefit from Marketing Automation Platforms

Subharun Mukherjee 18+ years of experience leading product strategy, Go-To-Market (GTM), new market entry, value-based sales, analyst relations, and customer experience programs. Expertise in Financial Services, eCommerce, on-demand services, and the SaaS industry.
How Businesses Can Benefit from Marketing Automation Platforms

Businesses everywhere are seeing an increase in customer demand for better, more engaging experiences, and companies that aren’t personalizing their messaging are facing compounding pressure. With 71% of consumers expecting some level of personalization and 76% of consumers frustrated without it, consumers can and will move to a different brand or business for their needs. 
Clearly, personalized marketing is becoming more and more important for businesses that want to keep their current customers while continuing to grow. At scale, delivering high-quality communications that speak directly to the customer is both impractical and impossible — without marketing automation, that is. Marketing automation facilitates personalized mass communication to both existing customers and new leads alike.

Increase ROI Through Better Marketing

For marketers to increase their company’s bottom line, multiple marketing channels must align to match their goals with sales. Determining which campaigns have been successful, and optimizing future campaigns based on past performance contributes to the conversion of marketing channels. This helps increase the company’s return on investment (ROI) in technology and personnel.
Marketing automation platforms can help streamline the entire process, making it more cost-efficient and successful in converting leads. Automated chats help improve responsiveness, while content tools organize and repurpose already-been-used marketing materials. Implementing marketing automation allows for more customers to be addressed with greater personalization, which leads to higher lead conversion, and therefore, a bigger bottom line!

Increase Customer Loyalty Through Personalized Customer Journeys

Marketing automation platforms are increasingly being used by businesses looking to achieve their goals in both growth and personalization. These tools can also open more avenues for businesses trying to balance how they support their customer’s experience across different marketing channels. With the right attention and a little bit of planning, automated systems can be invaluable in improving personalization for different stages of the customer’s journey.
By mapping out different aspects of the customer’s journey and planning marketing strategies for each stage, marketing automation can further personalize more elements throughout the buyer’s journey. At scale, companies who personalize their messaging experience 5%-15% profit growth, too. Engaging customers to feel individually understood, valued, and appreciated via marketing materials keeps them coming back for more.

Leverage Data for Smarter Decisions

Normally, marketing data is drawn from an array of channels, making it difficult to analyze metrics properly. With the advent of industry-leading marketing automation tools, all of this critical data is merged into one place. This data can then be analyzed for sales and marketing purposes with ease. By increasing operational efficiency and capitalizing on emerging trends revealed by this data, your marketing strategy can yield measurable economic growth.
Customer activity, habits, and other data work in tandem to form invaluable information for businesses to structure their marketing activities around. More than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. However, these lone numbers aren’t particularly useful. It’s when a business takes the data and builds its marketing automation strategy around it that the data becomes a powerful revenue-generating, brand-building tool. If your business truly wants to reap the benefits of marketing automation, it should invest in tools that make strategies actionable based on data-driven decisions.
How businesses can benefit from marketing automation platforms - illustration of a mobile device surrounded by mobile marketing automation technologies

Reach More Customers Through Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

Without the means to automate the marketing process, creating an efficient and personalized brand experience for each individual customer is nearly impossible. It’s even more impossible without having to invest huge amounts of money, time, and labor. By automating omnichannel marketing campaigns, your business can quickly execute highly-personalized communication efforts. These campaigns reach and extend support to customers on their terms—via email, web, applications, mobile, and other available digital channels.
Marketing strategy no longer needs to take the traditional “spray and pray” approach, where nameless, aimless mass communication efforts are sent to every customer. It should rely on unique data to foster an individualized, targeted, data-driven experience that customers will be receptive to. The key is reaching them in the place where they are most likely to receive and engage with the materials. Marketing automation does just that, without the hassle and costly resources.

So what are the benefits of an automated omnichannel marketing campaign?

Though the benefits of omnichannel marketing campaigns are far and wide, the boldest is that they provide a seamless user experience. Businesses can transition a customer from their in-person shopping experience to a digital experience without a hitch. In doing so, they capture the customer’s interests in-store and can then push for successful conversion online. Think of it like the modern-day version of follow-up phone calls—only without the manual labor, hold times, and trading of time without the promise of ROI.
Knowing your customer’s pain points also allows you to automate marketing materials, so your intentions are communicated in the most productive way possible.
Omnichannel campaign data provides marketers with valuable insights into individual customer activities. This then opens opportunities to construct customer profiles to generate even more lead conversions with even more individualized marketing.


As businesses focus more on creating personalized experiences for their customers, the need for marketing automation is becoming too apparent to ignore. With an efficient, streamlined process and better data aggregation, advanced software can tailor marketing materials to be more effective across multiple channels.
Taking advantage of omnichannel marketing strategies—with the help of automation—also makes for a better customer experience. A better customer experience leads to higher conversion rates and more revenue for your business.
With countless automation tools available on the market, one stands well above the rest. CleverTap is an industry-leading software for all of your marketing automation needs. By providing multiple tools to speed up the marketing process and facilitating the buyer’s journey, creating omnichannel marketing campaigns has never been easier.
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Last updated on March 29, 2024