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Mobile Marketing Automation Matters—Here’s Why

Mobile Marketing Automation Matters—Here’s Why

For an estimated 7.1 billion mobile phone users (as of 2021), mobile phones are the gateway through which customers see advertisements or are introduced to products and companies. This presents a huge opportunity for marketers to expand their potential customer base, maximize sales, and strengthen customer engagement—via mobile apps.
In the first quarter of 2021, nearly 3.5 million apps were available via Google Play alone—and in the third quarter, users downloaded a whopping 2.76 billion apps from the Play Store. Overall, mobile app downloads have skyrocketed exponentially over the past few years.
These mobile apps are an unprecedented opportunity, but only if marketers seize the moment correctly. Mobile marketing automation can help you tap into that global market like never before—and do so efficiently!
Let’s explore why marketing automation is the best and most cost-effective solution for companies to reach millions of prospective users.

It Provides Better Understanding of In-App Customer Behavior

First off, marketing automation simply provides more robust insights into your customers’ mobile habits than individual assessments can.
Say you’ve got 220,000 new users due to a successful viral ad campaign. But you don’t know how to message them because you don’t know who they are. That’s where marketing automation comes in and automatically analyzes your users, segmenting them into buckets—those who are most likely to convert and those less likely. Now you’ve got a clearer idea of what to do next—for example, send those less likely a coupon discount to get them to convert.
Marketing analytics tools automatically gather information that provides important insights into customer behavior. In-app actions such as scrolling or clicking on links produce valuable data about how users interact with digital products. Event tracking data is categorized, linked to user demographics and location, and analyzed to produce measurable results. When you know who’s interested in your products or services and recognize specific trends in their behavior, you know where to improve your campaigns. The data also improves your ability to target prospective customers.
Analytics is a core feature in modern mobile marketing. Optimizing a customer’s online experience increases engagement, retention, and ultimately return on investment (ROI). But the usefulness of your mobile analytics data rests on having the best tools and applications at your disposal.
Automated mobile marketing platforms make accessing and implementing sales and marketing strategies significantly more efficient. Particularly when it comes to cross-selling and upselling. For example, automated features can predict and display additional product recommendations based on metrics such as availability and price, as well as offering appropriate volume discounts. In addition, you can automatically follow up purchases with an email highlighting similar products and brands or offering a promotion.

It Helps You Deliver Personalized Mobile Marketing Content

Mobile apps are a part of our everyday life— they’re everywhere. Amid the overwhelming variety of apps to choose from, what can you do to make your brand stand out?
Personalization is key: four out of five consumers prefer purchasing from brands that personalize content, and 83% say they would willingly share their data in exchange for a custom-made experience. Further, just under 90% of marketers in the US indicate that personalizing the online customer journey has boosted their bottom line.
Interactive apps encourage users to explore features and customize their experiences. Marketing strategies—including surveys, feedback invitations, and calls to share on social media—glean important data to help craft more in-depth personalization, along with effective and relevant targeting. Communication preferences are also an important element, ensuring users receive as much (or as little) marketing material as they want—where, when, and how they want it.
Mobile marketing automation makes it easier to leverage users’ activity and behavior to deliver tailor-made content. Demographic, life stage, family, interests, hobbies, and location data are all used to personalize customer preferences. It also improves the relevance of offers. For instance, a customer searching online for a specific product may start noticing ads containing similar products once they visit a website that is well-integrated with social media channels. Such integrations also allow the customer to immediately purchase the product or revisit the website without having to start another search.

You Can Leverage Multiple Communication Channels for Customer Engagement

In addition to in-app customer engagement, marketers can leverage other effective mobile-specific communication channels to reach their audience. Omnichannel marketing delivers a seamless user experience across their various devices and channels.
For example, thanks to an effective omnichannel strategy, Disney has been able to forge deep, personal connections with its customers. Their website is mobile-responsive and is optimized to function well on any device, browser, and operating system. Any visitor who has booked a Disney trip on the website can still access their travel itinerary on the mobile app and vice-versa.
Customized push notifications — as well as reminders and targeted offers via SMS, social media, and email—are great for reconnecting customers to the app. They even increase the probability of a purchase. Surveys and review requests encourage interaction and help turn customers into brand advocates.
Mobile marketing automation software makes this omnichannel experience a breeze to conduct. No matter how large your customer base, automation lets you send the right message at the right time, analyzing and capitalizing on user behavior to improve engagement and retention rates—while also reducing churn. Since the focus is on the user, omnichannel marketing strategies are highly successful at improving sales and maximizing ROI.

Efficiently Develop Mobile Marketing Workflows

Mobile marketing automation software is critical for data gathering, user segmentation, customization, and creating communication templates. At its best, automation streamlines workflows, improves efficiency, and adds value to the customer journey with personalization.
Properly integrated data makes it easy to automate and plan for every step of your marketing campaign. At the same time, an intuitive and responsive software should offer flexible, personalized, and event-based feedback for individual users.

Ready for Mobile Marketing Automation? Choose CleverTap

Mobile marketing is a cost-effective way to reach an ever-greater number of customers—instantly, over multiple channels, and in any location. This is especially true among younger age groups, considering 95% of US adults aged 18 to 49 own a smartphone.
A successful mobile marketing campaign aims to reach customers in-app first and foremost, supporting omnichannel communication via social media, mobile-friendly emails, and SMS. Using an automated mobile marketing platform can make these processes easier to implement—as well as more effective. That’s why choosing the right automation platform is critical.
CleverTap is a leading mobile marketing platform, empowering digital consumer brands to strengthen customer retention and lifetime value. We’ve helped brands worldwide level up their marketing strategies—as just one example, consider the way we turned Malaysian eWallet company Boost’s marketing campaign around!
With a customer base of over seven million users, Boost was struggling to track user behavior effectively. By partnering with CleverTap, Boost found an easy solution. Our platform allows them to analyze user data at a microscopic level and target specific user groups. In fact, our marketing automation software and personalization strategy have helped Boost realize a five-fold increase in customer retention rate!
Contact CleverTap today to find out how our smart, all-in-one platform can help you build valuable, long-term customer relationships.

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Posted on July 20, 2022