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CleverTap Quarterly: Rounding Off 2020 and Looking Ahead to 2021

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CleverTap Quarterly: Rounding Off 2020 and Looking Ahead to 2021

At our CleverTap Quarterly showcases, we share market insights and introduce our latest product innovations. At our latest Quarterly on November 17, 18, and 19, we were joined by outstanding speakers from Stardust, SonyLIV, AirAsia, and BigShyft who shared their results using our platform and insights into their marketing success.
For those who attended the event live, thank you for joining us! Here, we’re recapping the event highlights and sharing videos of key presentations.

State of the Market: Customer Data Usability

Sunil Thomas, CEO & Co-founder

State of the Market

A few stats:

  • 94% of respondents consider data on customer usage and preferences as critical to growth.*
  • If Fortune 1000 companies increased data usability by just 10%, they could see a $2B boost in average annual revenue.*
  • But only 51% of C-suite executives support their organization’s data and analytics strategy.*
  • And 70% agree that making decisions or targeting customers using inaccurate data will expose them to reputation risk.*

With COVID-19 and uncertainty everywhere, brands have had to get through the initial confusion to the exploration of new opportunities to this current acceleration and execution of plans.
What we’ve seen across the board is that faster value realization has become the highest business priority.
There are opportunities in booming new verticals like super apps, RMG (real money gaming), D2C subscription apps, and Health and Wellness apps. And then there are existing verticals who have redefined themselves and adapted to the new climate, such as FinTech, EdTech, and ecommerce.
Among these, there are two common characteristics:

  • Everyone wants to go live significantly faster.
  • And everybody coming to us is exploding with data — from the volume of data they use to the amount of thought they put into what data they have.

Data usage and agility has become the #1 competitive advantage today. And not just for new startups. Some of the biggest brands in the world now face the need to compete with digital-first brands that are already using data and using it quickly.

Milestones This Year

In the past few months, we’ve set company records for new customers who have onboarded and went live.
We’ve grown in 6 geographies across the world: North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and India.
And best of all, we’ve been recognized by industry bodies, which is a confirmation that we’re at the forefront of our industry:

Product Vision: Breaking Barriers with Customer Data

Vishal Anand, CPO
The roadmap has evolved and we’re building for the new realities we face today. We’ve prioritized these 3 key areas:

  • Data integrity
  • Automation and personalization
  • AI and ML

Data Integrity

This is the necessary foundation for unlocking effective data use. The reason for data integrity is to build trust in your data so it can drive better insights, help you make better decisions, and enable you to create better strategies. It’s essential to doing anything else on the platform.
We do a lot of this already with:

  • The efficiency of our SDK and data collection
  • Faster data to insights transformation
  • Unified profile views
  • Third-party data sources
  • Data security practices

Automation & Personalization

The second area we’re prioritizing is automation, which is necessary for creating good user experiences. More and more companies are using automation from day one. It’s critical for product-market fit to even reach the later stages of growth.
But also alongside automation is our focus on deep personalization. This allows you to take advantage of:

  • Contextual, non-behavioral data (e.g., physical location)
  • A catalog containing millions of items
  • Personalizing the content and messaging you send at a per-customer level
  • Optimizing delivery to individual customers based on usage and behavior both in and out of the app


Our third area of focus is AI and ML.
It’s extremely difficult for humans to make effective use of large volumes of data manually. So we have to use AI and ML to uncover intelligence from data and orchestrate your journeys. AI allows you to take advantage of:

Unlock Your Data Usage

Why is it so important to take steps right now to unlock your data usage?
Statistics show that less than 5% of available data is used by marketers to take action on customers. While it may be unrealistic to aim for 100%, aim to get that number up and use perhaps 15% of your available data for more effective decision making.
You may already have a lot of data in CleverTap that you’re not using— things like demographics or system events. Or you may have data in your own systems. Bring them into CleverTap and the benefits will be immense: you’ll start seeing better CTRs, conversion rates, improved CLTV, and better user experiences.

Product Releases: Everyday Data Usability

Meredith Tretiak, VP Product Marketing
There are 3 main areas of growth for any business when it comes to data usability and personalization:

  • Breaking siloed data, so companies gain a unified view of each customer
  • Accessing customer data to get better context and act on insights
  • Automating campaigns to reduce manual efforts and reach users at scale

To show the latest ways we utilize data and automate campaigns, we have four demonstrations of new features that we’ve launched in the last 90 days.

1. Catalog Send-Time Personalization

What it does: connect data from sources outside of CleverTap so you can access rich datasets.
This allows you to send personalized messages that include dynamic information including price, inventory, or local recommendations.

2. Real-Time Uninstall

What it does: gives you uninstall information or immediate insight into why a user uninstalled.
This feature identifies uninstalls in real time by raising events in the CleverTap platform and allowing you to re-engage instantly.

3. Constant Property Campaigns

What it does: automates triggered campaigns at the event stage.
For example, with an abandoned cart push notification, instead of building a new campaign manually for each of your products, you can have just 1 campaign that automates for all products.

4. Geofencing

What it does: message customers who are within physical proximity to your store’s location.

Customer Spotlights

Marketing to Tribes in the New Normal

Ashley Fauset, COO, Stardust
Stardust is a social app for TV and movie fans that was built to give users a place to create watchlists, see what others are watching, and easily find other fans of their favorite TV shows or films. Stardust answered this need.
How Stardust Leverages CleverTap

  • They use analytics to track user behavior, custom events, and cohorts. They answer questions like: what actions are they taking? What content are they consuming? Are they leaving reviews? Are they rating movies or adding them to My List?
  • They use Segmentation extensively, grouping users by behavior (content consumed), live user segmentation, psychographics (media interests), even around media franchises (Marvel, Star Wars) or by streaming platform (Netflix, Hulu).
  • As for channels, they successfully use deep links in their push notifications and omnichannel journeys.

To optimize their onboarding process, they sent messages to users who did not complete registration. They set up a Journey with 3 push notifications to encourage users to finish onboarding. And in the end, they saw a 44.6% conversion rate for the campaign!
Stardust publishes 10 to 15 articles every day within the app. But somehow they weren’t seeing the right numbers in their editorial program. So the team used CleverTap’s segmentation features to send the articles not just to users who liked a specific genre or movie/show, but also those who made a poll about it, or who rated the movie, or who reviewed it. End result: a 37.6% uplift in MAUs month-over-month.

The Journey From Travel to SuperApp

Tarun Valecha, Senior Product Manager, AirAsia
Airasia is a one-stop travel, ecommerce, and FinTech platform with more than 15 product lines — from flights and travel needs to lifestyle adventures. It now boasts 75 million users and 40 million downloads of its app. And it has expanded from being a travel app into a complete lifestyle app that caters to everything from food and groceries to deals and shopping.
How AirAsia Leverages CleverTap

  • From not using marketing automation, they started activating different channels including push notifications, in-app, App Inbox, web push, and Chinese OEM push delivery — since they have a significant user base out of China that does not use Google Play services.
  • They managed to drive higher conversion through action-based push. For example: if a user drops off from Flight Search, they send a push notification with an image prompting them to return. Result: 12% uplift in CTRs.

Data Mining and Insights with CleverTap: Lessons from a Leading OTT App

Manish Dhanwani, Senior Marketing Manager, SonyLIV
SonyLIV is the first premium video on demand (VOD) service by Sony Pictures Networks (SPN). It launched in January 2013, enabling users to view 20 years of content from the network channels of Sony Pictures Networks and it was the first to provide original and exclusive premium content to Indian viewers. Today, the app has 100 million+ downloads.
How SonyLIV Leverages CleverTap

  • They use Pivots to stay on top of viewing trends for each user by genre, season, and current events, which then helps identify viewing preferences.
  • They use session analytics to measure engagement and view analytics for the number of sessions each day, total session duration by day, and more.
  • They use Flows to reduce the uninstall rate, allowing them to find out what prompted a user to take the next worst action.
  • They use Intent based segmentation to identify and segment users based on their likelihood to subscribe to a paid plan and optimize campaign spends.
  • They use Uninstall Tracking to re-engage churned users in real time and boost re-install metrics.

Personalization and Timely Engagement to Activate More Users

Deepro Ganguly, Head of Growth & Marketing, BigShyft
BigShyft is a career platform for top tech professionals — they match companies with premium tech talent using a hybrid approach of machine and human intelligence. Job seekers are categorized on the basis of qualifications like Cost to Company (CTC), work experience, and more. They’ve helped place over 2,000 jobs in over 500 companies.
How BigShyft Leverages CleverTap

  • They use Pivots to dive into drop-off patterns and discover why users become inactive in order to understand how to effectively re-engage them.
  • They use Journeys as a visual campaign builder to orchestrate a sequence of campaigns aligned to a specific goal. The real-time stats help them see how users move through each step.
  • Results: 30% uplift in application submissions and a 25% increase in month-over-month user activation.

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Last updated on March 14, 2024