Automate Campaign Content with Personalized Product Recommendations

Reveal the Next Best Item for Customers via Omnichannel Campaigns

Customer Data Platform
personalized product recommendations

Maximize Order Value & Revenue with Personalized 1:1 Recommendations

Delight your audience with product recommendations that dynamically adapt to customer purchase behavior, buying patterns and usage trends. Use an AI-powered system that allows complete control over merchandising with intuitive targeting rules for millions of items. Increase order value by revealing new categories based on the recent transactions and purchase patterns of similar customers.

Accelerate Product Discovery to Increase Upsell Opportunities

Optimize product recommendations for customers with the serendipitous discovery of items they may not uncover naturally, but would likely be interested in. Increasing product diversity with novel recommendations widens manually searched categories and diversifies your inventory for a more even distribution. Increase upsell opportunities by promoting less popular products with low count to feature in the top recommendations while maintaining relevance.
product discovery
omnichannel orchestration

Improve Campaign ROI with Omnichannel Orchestration

Build rich marketing communications using images, videos, deep or external links with custom fields in your catalog definition. Customize omnichannel campaigns with your choice of layout and design across In-App, Push, Webhooks, SMS, and App Inbox. Trigger them with specific user behavior such as add to cart or searched to bring further context. Use advanced filtering to include or exclude products of your choosing, such as out of stock or low value items.

Leverage Automated Segmentation to Recommend Items Based on User Context

Automatically uncover actionable customer segments based on lifecycle stages to instantly identify champions, loyal users, at-risk, or hibernating users. Coupled with automated segmentation, orchestrate recommendation campaigns that add further personalization. For example, win back customers at risk of churn with recommendations that exclusively send discounted items while being relevant to individual customer preferences.
automated segmentation for recommendations