Intent Based Segmentation: Maximize Engagement with Every Interaction

Bring predictability to your marketing ROI

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Your Marketing is Goal Driven, So Should Be Your Marketing Platform

Finding the right answers should not start with long queries but with business goals. Maximize purchase in the next 30 days. Prevent uninstalls in the next 2 weeks.

CleverTap’s Intelligent Data Science Engine predicts the likelihood of your goal. So you can spend more time crafting meaningful messages and let us worry about finding the answers.

Find the Right Audience for Each Campaign with Smart Segments

Growth teams know segmentation in marketing is critical. We help you find the right customer segments to get you closer to your KPIs with every campaign.

Send contextual messages to the right audience for a more predictable ROI on marketing.
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Delight Your Customers with More Thoughtful Engagement

Engage users with relevant, personalized communications to drive higher conversions and revenue across customer lifecycle.

Allocate your marketing spend to the right user segment and reach users with the most optimal message based on their intent to achieve a goal.