CleverTap vs Braze

Seize the power of CleverTap’s smart platform. Build a dynamic experience for your customers based on real-time, actionable user data.

Deliver personalized experiences to users — whether they live inside your app or need a push to come back. Our complete suite of messaging, segmentation, and journey orchestration tools has you covered.

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Why Choose CleverTap Over Braze?

Braze was built as a messaging platform, but to deliver personalized messages based on real-time events, marketers need more than that. They need deep insights, user data points, and analytics to tailor every touchpoint with a user.
Advanced Analytics and Segmentation
API Calls per Hour
10,800,000 250,000
Messages per Hour
30,000,000 500,000
Data Lookback Period
36 months 12 months
Data Points per MAU
2,000 250
RFM Analysis
Real Impact Dashboard
Product A/B Testing
Predictive Propensity Modeling
Product Recommendations

All-in-One Solution

Unlike Braze, we’ve got everything you need to engage and retain users across mobile and web: stronger engagement tools, 1:1 customer personalization, campaign orchestration, and behavioral analytics.
Encrypting Data at Rest and Data in Motion
Enable Physical and Network Security

Automated, Personalized Messaging

Braze can only give you 250 data points per user. CleverTap gives you 2,000+ data points per user, allowing you to deliver truly personalized content based on actionable data points.


Advanced Analytics

Get actionable analytics without needing a third-party tool! Use cohorts, compare segments, and measure real impact, plus use Flows, Pivots, and more. Our customers have reduced uninstalls by 30% and improved retention by 5x.
Encrypting Data at Rest and Data in Motion
Enable Physical and Network Security

Limitless Scalability

Need to message a million users an hour? Braze can’t help. Our platform can scale with you to reach over 30M/hour. Limiting your growth shouldn’t be an option.


Automated Segmentation with RFM Analysis

With CleverTap you can perform one-click, ML-powered RFM segmentation. Braze doesn’t offer any automated segmentation. In addition, with CleverTap you can segment based on a lookback window of 36 months compared to the 30 days offered by Braze.
Encrypting Data at Rest and Data in Motion
  • Ballebaazi
    “The whole CRM piece in CleverTap has been extremely helpful for us to improve our onboarding funnel and short-term retention. The segmentation features have helped us greatly in reactivating churned users. And A/B testing has helped us to improve metrics across different parts of the app.”

    Parth Sharma

    Chief strategy officer, Ballebaazi
  • dream11
    “CleverTap’s powerful analytics suite helps us accurately identify, understand, and even predict user behavior. It’s been a significant asset.”

    Rahul Mirchandani

    VP of revenue, Dream11
  • titlemax
    “With CleverTap, you can set it and forget it. Automated campaigns let us see exactly what actions users are performing on the app or in-store.”

    Adrianna Warnell

    Digital marketing manager, TitleMax
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