Influence your app users' behavior by uncovering key insights across various user dimensions.

user segmentation

Past Behavior Segments

Create segments based on any combination of past user behavior or their profile attributes

Industry-First Live User Segmentation

Qualify users to a segment based on their app activity as it happens in real-time

When you define a set of behaviors of interest, CleverTap will monitor for these behaviors as they happen in your app and add a user to the segment the moment their behavior matches your criteria.

You can create Live User Segments for a single activity (Booked a Movie), inaction (Did not buy in a certain time), off of Date/Time Properties of events or website related actions such as Page visit, count or referrer.

Live User Segmentation Use Case

You might use a Live User Segment to capture users before they abandon an item in their cart For example - added to cart but did not complete the purchase within 10 minutes. Users enter the segment right at minute 10 if they have not yet purchased.

Analyze your user segmentation data

Perform a Funnel or Cohort analysis then filter the results by a segment to isolate behavior and uncover deeper user insights.

Conversion Funnel

8% conversion for All Users

14% conversion for Users who “Referred” 3+ Friends

Retention Cohort

18% conversion for All Users

16% retention for Users acquired from Paid Ads

Engage users in any segment with personalized campaigns

Reach out to users in any segment with personalized, contextual messaging.


55 Billion

1 Billion

10 Billion