Group users by what they've done in your app, or by what you want them to do

CleverTap lets you build any segment in seconds. Just define any combination of user activities or attributes you want to track

  • Single Activity
  • New Users - People who Launched the App for the very First Time
  • New Buyers - People who Purchased something from the app for the very First Time
  • Dissatisfied Users - People who Rated less than 3 stars for a trip
  • Activities Users DID NOT Do
  • Cart Abandons - People who Created Itinerary but DID NOT Purchase it
  • Anonymous Users - People who Launched App but DID NOT Sign-in
  • Lightly Engaged Users - People who Read article but DID NOT Leave a Comment
  • Combined Activities
  • Highly Engaged User - People who Followed an Artist, Created a Playlist AND Shared it
  • Power User - People who Took a Free Ride, Purchased Ride Credits AND Referred a Friend
  • Geo-fence
  • Add user to a segment right when they step inside a virtual geo-fence
  • Trigger delivery of a coupon to users who walk past your restaurant at lunchtime..
  • User profile attribute change
  • Add a user to a segment immediately when a profile attribute changes
  • Add to segment and send a notification when the user status changes from New to Preferred
  • Relative Time
  • Lunchtime Buyers - People who Added Tacos to cart at 12:00 and DID NOT Buy within 15 minutes
  • Trial users - People who have not Purchased ride credits 5 days after taking their 3rd free ride
  • Absolute Time
  • Recently acquired users - People who were acquired from Facebook campaign in April and returned at least once in May
  • Repeat Users - People who Shared at least one video in March, April and May
  • Frequency of Events
  • Engaged but not buying - People who Viewed 5 or more movie trailers but DID NOT Purchase a Ticket
  • Promising Users - People who Completed 5th lesson in the past week

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