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Create memorable & personalized omnichannel engagement campaigns

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Engage customers at every micro-moment

Media consumption has gone from primetime to all-the-time. The viewer’s decision journey is divided into hundreds of micro-moments across devices and channels. Engage with customers throughout their journey by interacting with them at every micro-moment.
Social sharing
SEARCHING Tailor the moments where users are looking for new content options. Showcase newer content by understanding users’ content preferences — from preferred genres, to preferred artists, directors, and more.
DISCOVERING Use content discovery to drive longer app usage. Provide users with highly relevant content recommendations based on the genres, artists, actors, or directors they like, and engage them with teasers and trailers for new releases.
VIEWING Remove all obstacles for users as they binge on their favorite content. Nudge loyal users to continue when they stop a season midway. Identify content consumption patterns to offer timely content and live interaction that adds to the user experience.
SOCIAL SHARING Encourage users to upgrade their account, and to subscribe to view premium content. Monetize in-app content, and encourage active users to endorse the app by reviewing and sharing on social media.

Mobile engagement solutions for every use case

  • Onboarding
  • Hook users with personalizedcampaigns at scale

    Send millions of personalized messages about subscriptions, fresh content, and breaking news across devices in seconds. Focus on business growth and we’ll guarantee your mobile marketing campaigns run at scale.

  • Engagement
  • Make user engagement your competitive advantage

    The ability to send the right message to the right user at just the right moment is crucial, and lost mobile moments directly translate to unhappy customers. Engage users 24/7 and help them fall in love with your brand.

  • Retention
  • Understand viewership patterns and trends

    Understand viewership patterns across different shows and times of day, or across geographies. Customize your message content and frequency to improve CLTV and marketing ROI.

  • Re-Install
  • Keep users coming back for more

    Use real-time behavioral analytics to track drop-offs in user activity and uninstalls. Power user re-engagement efforts by informing users about the latest playlists, podcasts, articles, and app feature upgrades to give them greater reason to relaunch your app.


Understand Your Users and Their Preferences

Get a complete view of each user

One size doesn’t fit all. Track user activity to create unified user profiles, including search history, favorite genres or artists, news categories, preferred language, and average session length – helping you tailor their journey across devices.

Monitor users as they consume content

Use Content Flows to get deeper insights into your users’ journey and identify friction points that delay time to value. Visualize what users did before or after watching a specific video, to understand viewing patterns and optimize browsing and viewing experience.
Recommend Relevant and Engaging Content

Recommend relevant and engaging content

Keep users hooked by delivering a personalized experience tailored for each individual user. Leverage machine learning powered Psychographic Segmentation to create micro-segments of users and engage them with relevant content recommendations by knowing their predominant interests.

Make smarter marketing decisions

Brands that grow at a brisk rate continuously experiment and learn. Run multiple A/B and multivariate tests to find the optimal message that resonates with your audience and drive engagement. Predict the likelihood of your goal, so you can bring predictability to your marketing ROI.
Drive Business Growth with Live-User Segments

Unleash your brand’s growth potential with the power of robust data and analytics.