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Engage customers across each micro-moment

A customer’s decision journey is divided into hundreds of micro-moments across devices and channels. Engage customers throughout their journey by interacting with them at every micro-moment.
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Planning Inspire users to take the plunge and plan an actual trip. Understand your potential visitors and the types of experiences they seek – destinations, budget, logistics – and communicate the value that you can provide.
Booking Make users’ transactions smooth and seamless. Remove obstacles, add perks that push them to action. Give them specific offers that they can look forward to during their visit.
Experiencing Engage users even after they’ve completed their booking – from flight updates and travel guides to itinerary recommendations. Create exceptional experiences that keep them coming back.
Social sharing Enable social sharing, encourage users to leave their feedback and refer friends and family. Acquire more users with the simple click of a button. Give incentives for referrals and track the ROI.

Mobile engagement solutions for every use case

  • Onboarding
  • Lift off with your first aha! moment

    Pave the way for a lasting relationship by providing new users with a seamless onboarding experience. Persuade them to enable push notifications with attractive promotions that encourage the first booking.

  • Engagement
  • Nudge users to complete a booking

    Avoid abandoned carts by targeting users that postpone purchases via personalized messaging. Use our recommended window of opportunity to send timely calls to action.

  • Retention
  • Create an exceptional mobile itinerary

    Effectively engage users with timely, contextual messaging. Send them helpful reminders, travel updates, alerts, and location-specific information to make the entire app experience valuable.

  • Re-Install
  • Win back your lost users

    Apply user-level insights even after users uninstall your app to target them effectively across channels. Compel users to either become active again or share why they’re no longer interested in your app.


Understand Your Users and Their Preferences

Understand your users and their preferences

Track user activity to build out detailed user profiles based on your users’ browsing behavior, favorite destinations, travel frequency, preferred airlines, time of travel, meal types, modes of payment, and choice of accommodation.

Correlate data across multiple touch points using powerful APIs

Use Server APIs to import data profiles or events from any source, or export CleverTap data into your CRM. Trigger separate workflows via webhooks when a user undertakes a critical event, such as booking a flight, hotel room or finalizing a car rental.
Correlate Data Across Multiple Touch Points Using Powerful APIs
Get a Real-time View of Your Business With Customized Reports

Get a real-time view of your business with customized reports

With CleverTap, you can not only create granular reports for product adoption and campaign results, but also build a consolidated dashboard that shows how these initiatives influence customer purchases and ROI.

Drive business growth with live-user segments

Monitor what’s happening in your app at this very instant. Define segment criteria such as users who have saved a hotel booking but haven’t made the purchase in 20 mins. Track and engage users within this window of opportunity.
Drive Business Growth with Live-User Segments

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