User Retention Platform that
Gives You a Larger Share of Your Users’ Wallets

Keep Your Users Transacting More and More Often

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Engage Customers at Every Micro-moment

Focus on intent-rich micro-moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped. This is when people turn to their smartphone to look for payment options, searching for deals, cashback offers, savings, and more.


Meet users when they explore merchants and look for payment options. Help users discover the deals best suited for them.



Help users make the right choice. Guide users through offers, merchant partners, and what they get out of transacting on your app.



Offer users a seamless experience – from the addition of money to their digital wallet to transacting with the merchant partners on your app.

Shared Experiences

Shared Experience

Guide and incentivize users to spread the word. Offer loyalty points, referral discounts, and more, to drive growth for your app.

Mobile Engagement Solutions for Every Use Case

  • FinTech App Onboarding
  • Send Welcome Messages to Get a Share of Users’ Wallets
  • Engagement Fintech App
  • Send Timely, Relevant, Notifications to Drive Transactions
  • Retention
  • Create digital experiences that turn one time users into champions.
  • Win back your users and their wallets
Increase in Conversion Rates Using Journeys
20% Reduction in Uninstalls

How Mobile Wallet MobiKwik used CleverTap to Reduce Uninstalls by 20% with timely, conversion-specific campaigns.

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Increase in Conversion Rates Using Journeys
96% Jump in New Active Users

How BeBlue launched marketing campaigns based on geography and purchase behavior to activate new users

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Increase in Conversion Rates Using Journeys
20% Increase in CTR’s

How Freecharge increased push notification CTRs by 20-25% by A/B testing messaging

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Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform for a Single Source of Truth

Break down data silos to combine data from multiple sources – mobile phones, tablets, POS systems, and more. Process millions of data points and run advanced queries while users interact with merchants in real-time.

Predict User Micro-segments and Measure Uplift Across Campaigns

Find Micro-segments to Maximize User Transactions

Use intent to identify users most likely to add money to their digital wallet or completing a transaction. Create differentiated engagement strategies for users most likely to add money, or to convert fence-sitters – optimizing the ROI on your marketing spend.

Gain In-Depth Understanding of Your Users

Out of the Box Automated Segmentation with RFM

Best-in-class automated segmentation using – Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) analysis– examines your customer activity to identify how recently and frequently they performed an action such as adding money to their digital wallet or transaction.

CleverTap Journeys

Long Term Engagement Campaigns with Journeys

Visually build and deliver omnichannel campaigns based on your users’ behavior, location, and payment preferences. Weave together engagement campaigns that connect across channels like push, email, SMS, and the in-app experience.


$2 Billion

1 Billion

20 Million