Omnichannel Engagement

Go beyond just basic messaging

CleverTap’s complete messaging suite keeps your customers captivated across mobile, email, web, and other platforms with the right message at the right time.

Cross-Channel Messaging
Messaging channels

A single platform to reach your users everywhere

Use ready-made, customizable HTML templates to quickly build personalized in-app messages and interactive campaigns.
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Send custom push notifications that reach users on their devices and bring them back into your app. Personalize any notification with user profile info and rich media content.
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Send triggered text messages, notify users of scheduled deliveries, send special promotions, or deep link to specific products or content.
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Deliver transactional messages, automate replies to common questions, and host conversational live chats with the WhatsApp Add-on.
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App Inbox
Deliver personalized, rich-media messages that remain accessible in your app. It’s an ideal channel for welcome messages, app updates, or other messages that need to stick around.
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Create emails that are uniquely engaging for every user with automated segmentation, a drag-and-drop design editor, and next-gen personalization.
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Web Messaging
Build real-time, personalized and contextual web experiences based on user preferences and behavior for enhanced retention.
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Get your message across all channels

Deliver a seamless brand experience with messaging campaigns that connect across mobile, web, and the in-app experience.

Personalize Conten
Personalize Content

Fine-tune message content and delivery times for individual users based on their behaviors. Because every customer is unique.

Optimize Campaigns
Optimize Campaigns

Tailor campaigns to reach each customer on the channel they prefer for incredible engagement, retention, and conversions.

Automate Delivery
Automate Delivery

Create and deliver sophisticated campaigns across all channels for thousands, millions, or billions of users with perfect deliverability.

“We’ve come a long way in how we leverage push, in-app, app inbox, web push, and Chinese OEM push delivery with CleverTap.”

AirAsiaTarun Valecha
Senior Product Manager, AirAsia
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