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Stoke Appetites with Seamless Onboarding
Increase your chances of conversion by wowing users with a visually appealing onboarding experience. Encourage them to enable push notifications and location-sharing before incentivizing a first-time order with promo codes.
Create Targeted Campaigns Around Events
Send users personalized messages promoting the hottest deals and offers at recommended times during the day, around weekends, festivals, or major sporting events. The more relevant your campaigns, higher your transaction volume and value.
Put Customized Engagement on the Menu
Engage users effectively with timely, contextual messaging. Personalize your push notifications by addressing users by their names as you pitch on-demand order discounts, combo deals, cashback offers and user generated content relevant to their geographic locations.
Make User Retention Your Main Course
Encourage users to return to your app using referral codes, party order discounts, cashback on non-fulfillment of orders, free delivery, and multiple convenient payment options by monitoring user activity and sending them relevant messages.

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Gain In-Depth Understanding of Your Users

Closely track the timeline of user activity as you create elaborate user profiles based on your users’ search actions, location, preferred time and size of orders. Use hyperlocal data to send messages relevant to restaurants in the users’ vicinity.

Identify Your User’s In-App Pain Points

Leverage CleverTap’s Flows feature to get a bird’s-eye view into an individual users app journey – where they drop-off and why. Use these actionable insights to build highly-focused, relevant messaging to nudge such users towards conversion.

Build Omni-Channel Messaging Campaigns with Journeys

Create multiple, automated, cross-channel campaigns that reach users on the right channel at the right time at every stage of the entire lifecycle using Journeys. Visually track the progress of a new onboarding or promotional engagement campaign at the click of a button.

Leverage our Live User-Segmentation to Propel Growth

Monitor how your users interact with your app in real-time. Segment them based on live actions undertaken such as those who have searched for fast-food but haven’t completed the order within 15 mins. Use this golden window to engage with such users.

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