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Engage customers at every micro-moment

Mobile is redefining consumer behavior, contributing significantly to the rise of food tech. The decision journey which leads to a customer ordering in is divided into hundreds of micro-moments across devices and channels. The key is to listen and respond with timely offers and updates “when they want it” and “where they want it”.
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Searching Inspire users to order food from the minute they feel the need to order in. Understand your users and their preferences – location, cuisine, restaurants, delivery times – to get them to explore the variety of menu options you have.
Discovering Effectively communicated value builds trust, which lays the foundation for delivering exceptional user experiences. Identify “near me” and in-the-moment opportunities to target users with tailored menu options and restaurant recommendations in real time.
Viewing No one likes to be kept waiting for their meal. Serving food with a healthy dose of instant gratification is a recipe for success. Share timely alerts about users’ order status and persuade them to add their favorite dishes in case they miss out.
Social sharing Turn loyal app users into advocates by asking them to share the love. Encourage them to endorse the app through referral programs and by sharing their reviews. Sweeten the deal with rewards and exclusive benefits.

Mobile engagement solutions for every use case

  • Onboarding
  • Stoke appetites with seamless onboarding

    Increase your chances of conversion by wowing users with a visually appealing onboarding experience. Encourage them to enable push notifications and location-sharing before incentivizing a first-time order with promo codes.

  • Engagement
  • Put customized engagement on the menu

    Engage users effectively with timely, contextual messaging around weekends, festivals, or major sporting events. Personalize push notifications to pitch order discounts, combo deals, cashback offers, and user-generated content relevant to their geographic locations.

  • Retention
  • Make user retention your main dish

    Encourage users to return to your app using referral codes, party order discounts, cashback on non-fulfillment of orders, free delivery, and multiple convenient payment options by monitoring user activity and sending them relevant messages.

  • Re-Install
  • Woo them back over dinner

    Don’t lose hope when users churn. Run creative mobile marketing campaigns that effectively highlight your app’s value and features. Thus convincing users to reinstall your app and start ordering again.


Gain In-Depth Understanding of Your Users

Gain in-depth understanding of your users

Closely track the timeline of user activity as you create elaborate user profiles based on your users’ search actions, location, preferred time, and size of orders. Use hyperlocal data to send messages relevant to restaurants in the users’ vicinity.

Predict user micro-segments and measure uplift across campaigns

Use intent to identify users most likely to come back after abandoning a search. Create differentiated engagement strategies for loyal users most likely to order again, or to convert fence-sitters – optimizing the ROI on your marketing spend.
Predict User Micro-segments and Measure Uplift Across Campaigns
Build Omni-Channel Messaging Campaigns with Journeys

Build omnichannel messaging campaigns with journeys

Create multiple, automated, cross-channel campaigns that reach users on the right channel at the right time at every stage of the entire lifecycle using Journeys. Visually track the progress of a new onboarding or promotional engagement campaign at the click of a button.

Leverage our live user segmentation to propel growth

Monitor how your users interact with your app in real time. Segment them based on live actions undertaken such as those who have searched for fast food but haven’t completed the order within 15 minutes. Use this golden window to engage with such users.
Leverage Our Live User-Segmentation to Propel Growth

Unleash your brand’s growth potential with the power of robust data and analytics.