All-in-One Customer Engagement Platform

Fully integrated segmentation, behavioral analytics, messaging and product A/B testing

  • Get actionable insights, build segments visually, and engage with customers at speed
  • AI-powered customer journey optimisation, product recommendations and intent based user segmentation
Limitless Data powered by TesseractDBTM

Segmentation and engagement lookback periods up to 10 years to use entire user history for actions

  • Others offer segmentation and engagement lookback of 3 months
  • They might offer extended storage for analytics but it will not be available for actions (segmentation or engagement). It is hence rendered useless
Truly Real Time Engine

Live Segmentation and Engagement are Truly Live

  • Other platforms are built on slow engines, and hide their deficiencies behind obfuscated SLAs and false statements
  • Here’s how they describe themselves -

    “The frequency of pre-computing can vary from 30 minutes to a few hours, based on the campaign type. Segment membership doesn’t change for this typically, based on real-time data.”

CleverTap vs Others

CleverTap does everything that Others do — and so much more!
Find out how much more you get with our comprehensive retention and engagement platform.

Standard Notification Channels
• Send messages to customers through push notifications, emails, SMS, ad audiences, etc
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Campaign Analytics
• Dashboard for campaign performance containing stats for notifications sent, delivered, clicked, conversions, etc
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User Journey Builder
• Visually build user journeys with different paths containing notifications based on user events, for customer onboarding, activation, conversion, etc
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Unlimited profile & behavior history
10 years of data lookback
10,000 data points per user per month
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Hyper responsive dashboards
• Immediate data processing post ingestion
• Others have a 15 min SLA
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• Real time segmentation to track what users are doing right now and to push them to the moment of truth
• Others have a 30 min SLA for ingestion and 3 hours for segment calculation
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• Identify hidden patterns and hotspots in your data via tables and other data visualizations tools
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Real Impact Dashboard
• Long-term view of the consolidated impact of your engagement campaigns on business metrics
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Today Dashboard
• To give you a quick view of active user trend.
Revenue Dashboard
• To give you a quick view of revenue trends.
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• We provide higher push notification delivery rates for Chinese OEMs without missing out on key elements like impression tracking, custom display properties & key-value pairs
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Get It Straight From the Source: What Our Customers Say About Us

Our customers across industries rely on our platform to engage and retain their users. From our cutting-edge features to our attentive support, we strive to be a true partner to our customers’ success.

Axis Bank

See what Marketers & Product Owners say about us on G2

Mobile Optimized
9.2 8.7
A/B Testing
9.6 8.9
Manage Email Deliverability
9.3 8.7
Revenue Analytics
9.3 8.4
Online Behavior Tracking
9.1 8.5
Contextual Tracking
9.8 8.9
Rich Notifications
9.1 8.4
Recommendation Engine
9.5 9.0
Marketing Lead Database
9.1 8.5
9.0 8.5
Overall Rating
4.6/5 (400 reviews) 4.5/5 (385 reviews)

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CleverTap Customers Span the Globe

Thousands of brands in over 100 countries use our retention & growth platform to improve LTV and retention dramatically.

Addressing some misconceptions about us

  • We use the term ‘UTM visits’ instead of ‘UTM sessions.’ Details on source, medium, campaign, etc. are available.
  • Flows allow full analysis of user trajectories, along with the time taken to go through.
  • Missing session and source tracking
  • Limited user path analysis prevents marketers from getting a granular understanding of user behavior
  • We have 18 messaging channels: push, SMS, email, web, WhatsApp, in-app, Facebook and Google ads, and more.
    • We offer
    • Product Experiences for multiple app experiences
    • Recommendations for predictive suggestions & more
  • Focuses on mobile engagements
  • Mobile-centric yet fails to support deeper use cases around app personalization
deliveryDelivery Rates
  • With RenderMax, push render rates have skyrocketed to 85%. - Shankar Krishnamurthy, BetterHalf
  • We provide full email consulting with regular benchmark reports. E.g. Ixigo Achieved Open Rates of 54%
  • Lack of evidence around proven successful push delivery rates
  • Lacks end-to-end email infrastructure support, affecting inbox placement rates
  • We’re integrated with leading Analytics, CDP, and Cloud Solutions in a bi-directional way and offer role-based control
  • Testimonials from brands like Jio (during IPL!) and Meesho demonstrate our scalability
  • Missing enterprise-ready features like critical third-party integrations and cross team collaboration
  • Delays in dashboard load time
    With our AI you can
  • Send real-time product recommendations to every customer
  • Determine which journey to send your users in real time
  • use AI-driven predictions to identify intent-based segments
  • AI is largely limited to identifying the best time to engage a customer
  • Transparent MAU based pricing with Unlimited Data Points
  • Predictable budgeting- no unexpected overages
  • Easy to educate internal teams to ensure operational compliance
  • Unpredictable data-points based pricing
  • Limits usage and difficult to keep track of expenses
  • Results in overages making budgeting difficult

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