Are your users coming back to your app?

Visualize your app engagement and retention with cohorts

With cohorts you can group users who have taken a certain action in your app and track their subsequent actions over time.

Cohorts can be used to measure retention, engagement or a variety of essential business metrics such as how long it takes on average for a new user to transact.

From the CleverTap blog:


See how many newly acquired users come back

Customer retention is one of the most critical metrics for any business
Retention cohorts show you how many new users come back every day, week or month

How many days/weeks did it take for the majority of the users who launched app first time to purchase.

How many users who searched my product catalog returned the following week?

How long did it take first time purchasers to make their second purchase?

With CleverTap's messaging capabilities, you can target these segments of users
with push campaigns to encourage them to your app or encourage or to transact

Compare retention across geographies, devices or even
custom profile attributes like ‘User Type’

Cohorts let you go deep into your data to answer difficult questions about your App

Compare how groups of users from different Geographies are engaging.

Determine how many new users come back to use your app broken down by your ad campaigns.

Compare usage and retention across different types of devices. All these insights right at your fingertips.


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