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Level-Up Your Retention Strategies With CleverTap’s Journeys Course

Level-Up Your Retention Strategies With CleverTap’s Journeys Course

We launched CleverTap University (CTU) recently to provide our customers with a valuable resource on how they can elevate their growth strategies. This online training consists of a series of courses designed to help you understand the fundamentals of our platform — from setting up the account to understanding how user profiles are created and merged, defining events, understanding user behaviors, and creating your first engagement campaigns.
We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest course which focuses on CleverTap Journeys. This course will help you design an omnichannel engagement strategy using a visual campaign builder, making the process of orchestrating messaging campaigns easier.

Why is Omnichannel Crucial?

Creating omnichannel experiences for your users is crucial to ensure that you’re reaching your customers no matter where and how they engage with your brand. 
Everyday, users receive multiple messages on their smart devices. Every communication sent to a user should serve a purpose— whether it’s promoting new content, a new feature, offers and discounts, or to encourage a purchase. Creating memorable experiences for users means engaging with them at the right time across multiple channels using push or in-app notifications, email, or SMS. Additionally, the messages can be personalized based on the user’s behavior, interests, and any user-specific properties as well. 
With this newly launched course, you can learn how to create these omnichannel journeys and effectively engage with users in the ways that will optimize their experience with your brand. 

Journeys Course Objectives

What will you learn in this course? 

  • Understand what journeys are and learn the basics of running an engagement campaign
  • Create an effective user onboarding journey
  • Build a cart abandonment journey 
  • Interpret journey stats: view detailed stats on campaign performance, including conversion funnels, error reports, and other drill-down stats for each stage of your journey using node stats

Additional resources for your reference include: 

  • Ecommerce Use-Case Playbook
  • Media and Entertainment Use-Case Playbook

These playbooks will help you better understand and evaluate your customer journey and how you can derive positive outcomes for your business that will potentially maximize your conversion metrics. 
We’re excited to see how you use this powerful tool to engage and retain your users effectively, so please tell us what you think of Journeys once you complete the course!!

Check Out CleverTap University

If you’re ready to level-up your marketing skills using our platform, we encourage you to check out CleverTap University and share what you’ve learned with your team. 

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Last updated on March 29, 2024